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Once your league is up and running, if you have any questions or queries, simply get in touch with contact your Venue Manager whose email address you will find below. Whether you left your boots after you or if you are wondering what time the bar opens at, drop your VM a line and they will do what they can to help you out!
NB: If you are struggling for players and need to forfeit a game,
you MUST ring Tag Rugby Head Office on 01 2020100. 
Give as much notice as possible to allow us contact your opposition.

Here are the email addresses of all the Venue Managers currently working in our leagues



Venue Manager


Dublin - Tuesdays
  •  Irishtown Stadium: 
 Sean Donnellan  sean.donnellan@tagrugby.ie
  • Alexandra College
 Simon Edgecombe  simon.edgecombe@tagrugby.ie

Dublin - Wednesdays
  •  Alexandra College: 
 Ruth McAdam  ruth.mcadam@tagrugby.ie 
  •  UCD Rugby:
 Michelle Byrne  michelle.byrne@tagrugby.ie
  •  UCD Soccer:
 Michelle Byrne  michelle.byrne@tagrugby.ie
  •  St. Kilians
 Julien Valleray  julien@tagrugby.ie

Dublin - Thursdays
  •  Irishtown Stadium
 Sean Donnellan  sean.donnellan@tagrugby.ie
  •  Alexandra College
 Alan Dolan  alan.dolan@tagrugby.ie
  •  UCD Patterson
 Simon Edgecombe  simon.edgecombe@tagrugby.ie
  • ClontarfRoad:  
 John Jameson          john.jameson@tagrugby.ie       

Cork - Mondays
  •  Garryduff:
 Joseph Blake  joseph.blake@tagrugby.ie


For any other tag queries, contact Head Office.

Ring us on 01 2020100 or email info@tagrugby.ie