Longest Day of the Year! Week 4 Review!
Friday 22 June 2012 10:43


Week 4 of ITRA Ennis RFC League lived up to it's blockbuster billing of top encounters and romping victories added to
which were the rumours of the upcoming Mystery Tour as well as memories of last years and Carolines well kept secret!!

Tagging on You're Heart Week provided the teams with an opportunity to gain double points with a headband and each team
duly stepped up and did their bit for charity while also trying hard to take advantage of the double scores.

What was looking like the biggest game of the year so far between Deep Heat and Lurking for a Tag certainly diddnt disappoint!
Tense end to end action highlighted by both teams efforts to not give away scores or penalties led to a highly defense game.
It was however Deep Heat who managed to keep the Lurkers out and get the win on a scoreline of 9-4!

TTM Tryers with the bare minimum in numbers came up against a full strength Lovely Bottoms and they certainly lived up to their
names by showing TTM their backsides as they ran in a comprehensive victory in the end.

Tagatoni's Army unlike ther namesake manager of the national team managed to pull of a great result in the first of the nights second
round games. 21-4 ws the final scoreline.

The final game of the evening once again saw two of the leagues consistent performers come up against each other. Much like the first
round of the night both teams were keen to avoid errors and played out a highly entertaining and close fought battle. 
HAKA gave a gallant second half performance but Lucas first half lead was enough to see them through 10-6!

Once again a big thank you must go out to all the teams for supporting Tagging On You're Heart Week and the Irish Heart Foundation.
Not only was you're support appreciated but also the comedic factor of seeing some fantastic "hair bands" on some of the guys was worth
the effort!

A reminder to all teams that the Mystery Tour is on the 12th July and that anyone who registered their interest brings €2 next week to confirm their place
and also if you can just drop me an email (ennis@tagrugby.ie) with you're interest in being on the tour in the meantime!