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Mixed Fun Social Beginner Coaching
Thursday 13 October 2016 11:11

Do you really like meeting new people? 
You already play TAG, but are tired of people not passing you the ball and you feel you haven’t really learnt anything or improved as a TAG player?
Never played TAG?  And you want to try a new fun sport, that is ‘soft-contact’ and not competitive
Are you up for the ‘craic’ & a bit of mischief?
Do you a take the social fun side of TAG very seriously? 
You like TAG, and would like to learn more about how to play TAG, but in a relaxed and fun atmosphere (less pressure)
You regard referees not as the enemy and the person to vent all your competitive anger at.  But rather as ‘an endangered species’ who you would rather share a joke with and chat to after the match in the pub!
If the TAG match is postponed due to bad weather; it’s not the end of the world and you would still want to meet up with your team mates to socialise anyway.


If the answers to most or all of the above is a resounding “YES”, then we have exactly the TAG league for you!


Mixed Fun Social Beginner Coaching League:

WHO:  This is targeted at Taggers who may have played TAG for a while, but have not learnt much about the game, don’t like the pressurised competitive teams/leagues and just want a fun social night of TAG to improve their game and meet likeminded people.


BENEFITS:  Players will not be competitive in any way about winning.  You will be given proper instruction by a suitably qualified TAG coach.  Your match referee will not be keeping the score.  Nobody gives a fiddlers about any mistakes you make during the match.  Everybody’s main priority is having fun, getting some exercise, improving your TAG skills and meeting new like-minded people post-match in the pub.



We have a designated official “Mixed Fun Social Beginner Coaching Leagues” – in Alexandra College, Milltown, D4 on Thursday nights for the Heineken TAG New Year League.  You will register online as an individual (not as a whole team!).  Heineken TAG will make up random, different TAG teams every night, which will be different from week to week.


Coaching + Match for weeks 1 & 2:

You will have a 40min time slot.    There will be 20 players max per time slot, making two team squads.  During the 40min, you will be given 20min warm-up & TAG specific coaching (e.g. catch & pass, defensive tagging, hip twists to avoid being tagged, player positioning, the rules of the sport, & lots more…).  Then the final 20min will be 2x10min TAG matches with players all mixing teams & practicing what you learnt.

Fun Social TAG Blitz on week 3:

All 40 individual TAG players will arrive down to venue to play over two time slots = 80min.

Heineken TAG will divide all male and female players into 4 mixed teams of 10 players / squad.  Everybody will play a ‘round robin’ format, getting 6x10min blitz games in a fun and social environment.

Then all 40 players + referee & coach will go to the Dropping Well pub just down the road for a post-match party and social night together.


So the Mixed Fun Social Beginner Coaching League format will work off a three week schedule.  First two weeks is coaching and match.  Then on the third week it is a Fun Social TAG Blitz with lots of mixed-up games and a party after.  This format will be repeated twice in the schedule pre-Christmas!


Individual Player Reg: €68 pp

Pitch: all weather astro hockey pitch

Thursday 9 week Winter League

Thursday Dates: Start Thurs 26th January 2017 for 9 weeks.

Thursday Time Slots: 20:15 


There are limited places available, Heineken TAG has set aside 2 team places for each venue and night. 

The closing date for Registration is in three weeks; Thur 26th January 2017.

Book now to avoid disappointment!