What makes Tag unique is that what happens on the pitch is only half the story! Our Tag Social Nights are legendary and most teams retire to the comfort of their local pub after matches to celebrate a well-deserved win...or drown their sorrows after a nail-biting defeat!!!

As a result, we have a number of Pub Partners around the country, who embrace the social side of Tag. Each of these pubs create a tag team (10-15 players) made up of male and female regulars plus bar staff, and together they take on the opposition in weekly tag matches. These pub teams then head back to their Sponsor Pub after every games to dissect their individual performances...and no doubt that of the referee!

If your pub would like to get in involved, we can provide you with posters to help in player recruitment, as well as promote your pub team via our Facebook & Twitter pages. And we can also email you a weblink, where all your players can pay their portion of the registration fee direct to you don't have the hassle of collecting money etc!

Get your pub involved TODAY in the unique Mixed Social Sport that will be great for your business!

If you would like to enter a Pub Team in our Social Tag Leagues,
simply email or call 01 2020100.