Respect for Referees & Fair Play

Best Disciplinary Structure in Tag
Since the Irish Tag Rugby Association brought Tag Rugby to Ireland back in 2000, we have consistently modified the Laws of the game to make it more enjoyable for all players and referees alike, and as a result, we are universally regarded as the Pioneers of Tag Rugby. 

Over the years, we have also developed the strongest disciplinary structure of any organised tag rugby league in Ireland with a strict Zero Tolerance Policy. Unlike other Tag competitions, we do not tolerate rude, aggressive or abusive behaviour towards our officials. 

At all our events, we want to create an atmosphere that is as enjoyable as possible for everyone and will do all we can to remove people who are determined to spoil this atmosphere – ITRA makes NO apologies for this!

As a referee, we want you enjoying your matches, having some fun with the teams and looking forward to coming back again the following week. 


Strict Zero Tolerance Policy
Under our Zero Tolerance Policy, you will be strongly urged to discipline

  • Deliberate / clumsy contact
  • Swearing at you / abusive language towards opposition
  • Consistently questioning your decisions.

We will always back up our referees - both the Venue Manager who runs the event on our behalf and our Referee Department will be on your side - and we will never take the words of a player over and above those of a Qualified ITRA Referee.

Sanctions for Indiscipline
If you do encounter problems with teams or certain individual players, please discipline them where possible and feed all the information to your Venue Manager who will report back to us. We come down hard on players who are abusive and do not show respect to our referees or opposition players, with the following sanctions imposed on offending players.




Red card as a result of receiving 2 yellow cards, repeated infringements   

Minimum 2 weeks

Minimum 4 weeks

Striking another player

Minimum 5 weeks

Remainder of current year

Repeatedly striking another player

Remainder of current year

Permanent suspension

Verbal abuse of a Referee

Minimum 2 weeks

Remainder of current year

Serious and/or continuous abuse of Referee  and/or threatening Referee

Remainder of current year

Permanent suspension

Any physical force used against Referee, including pushing / striking

Permanent suspension

Permanent suspension




ITRA Referee Department – Happy to help

Please do not hesitate to contact Kats in the Ref Dept between 9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri.  As most tag matches kick off from 19:00 onwards... it is very important you do not leave it last minute to cancel.

Please give at least 48hrs notice where possible if you are unavailable.  Obviously emergencies are last minute, but please always call the ITRA Referee Mobile: 086-3972822 which is attended 24/7 (please save now into your phone under – “ITRA Referee”.

ITRA Referee Department Landline: +353 1 2020100
ITRA Referee Department Mobile: +353 86 3972822
ITRA Referee Department Email:

Good luck and enjoy your season Refereeing Alive Outside Tag!