If you have never played Tag before and would like to give it a try, then why not consider our Women's Only Tag League. 


The Women's Only League is the perfect way to learn the game because you get:

·          Lots More Playing Time

·          More Touches on the Ball 

·          Extra Chances to Pass

·          No Guys Hogging the Ball

·          No Male Aggression

·          Learn as you Play!


After a few Women's Only games, you will have learned a huge amount about Tag, including the offside rule, where to positioning yourself on attack and defence, skill moves etc. You should then be able to carry this experience into your regular game and reap the benefits for your Mixed Social Tag team!!!

Games are 8 a side, where you can have up to 8 subs on the sideline so a maximum of 16 players in your squad each night. Matches are 40 minutes long with 2 x 20 min halves and 5 mins for half time. Matches are played under full International Tag Federation laws. Check out the Basics for Women's Only Tag below.

Women's Only Tag is primarily about growing the sport among females and therefore the Women's Only League is perfect both for those who are only playing getting involved in Tag for the first time, as well as more experienced players looking to play at an elite level. Everyone playing at this level is eligible to play Representative Tag, firstly for your Region and then if selected for Ireland.

NB: Only those playing Women's Only Tag will be eligible
for Women's Team at Representative Level (Regional & National)

1.   Women's Only Venues

2.   Basic Laws for Women's Tag

3.   Pathway for Representative Tag

4.   Register Now




1. Women's Only Venues
Here are a list of venues around the country which host Women's Only Tag:
    • Dublin - UCD (All Weather Pitch), Mondays
    • SUMMER
    • Dublin - UCD Sports Centre Grass Pitch, Mondays
    • Limerick - Old Crescent RFC, Tuesdays
2. Basic Laws for Women's Only Tag 8 players on the pitch 
  • To start a game, you must have at least 5 players 
  • Squads of up to 16 players allowed
  • Scoring:
    • Girl try = 1 points
  • Roll ball with foot only - not with hand (NEW)
  • Bonus Box Option available
    • 5m x 5m box in middle of try line
    • A bonus point is awarded for tries scored within Bonus Box
      • Try within Bonus Box = 2 points
  • Defending players are permitted to tag attacking players on either side of the attacker's body, provided the defender does not initiate contact or impede the progress of the attacking player in the process of making the tag. (NEW)
  • 50-10 Kicking Law
    • If inside own half, you can try to kick ball over touchline between try line and 10m marker
    • If ball bounces and goes out of play, your team regains possession on 10m line @ Tag 0
    • Ball must still be grubber kick (under Referee's shoulder height)
  • Diving:
    • Players are allowed to dive for tries
      • Ball must be placed on ground first before elbows or knees. 
      • No swallow dives. 
      • No deliberate contact. 
      • Referees will disallow diving if they feel it is dangerous
    • A defending player can dive on the ball to secure possession
    • An attacking player can only dive on the ball to score a try
  • Kicking:
    • You can fly-hack the ball at any stage of a match
    • You do not need any tags on to kick the ball from the ground
  • Any player can is allowed kick off at re-starts
  • The non-scoring team kicks off after a try (NEW)
  • No Accelerat-Her Law
  • No surrendering. An attacker must keep moving - they cannot deliberately stop and present tags to defender.
Law Differences between Mixed Social & Women's Only Tag
  Mixed Social Tag  Women's Only Tag 
# Players on Pitch? 7 8
Max # of Male Players? 4 N/A
# Players on Squad? 14 16
Points for Female Try? 3 1
Bonus Box Points - Male? N/A N/A
Bonus Box Points - Female? 4 2
Who Can Kick Off / Restart?             Female Only           N/A     
Accelerate-HER? Yes No
50-10 Kicking Law? No Yes
3. Pathway for Representative Tag
As we are a member of the International Tag Federation, we have developed a pathway for female players to play Women's Tag firstly for your Region and then, if selected, for Ireland. To be eligible for selection, you must be playing in your local Women's Only Tag League.

NB: Only those playing Women's Only Tag will be eligible
for Women's Team at Representative Level (Regional & National)

4. Register for Women's Only Tag
There are two ways that you can play in a Women's Only Tag League: