Tag is a fantastic way to keep fit throughout the year and meet lots of new people. There are two ways that you can play:
  1. Create your own Team; or
  2. Join one of our Fun, Social Teams
1. Create your own Team
Grab a gang of work mates, college pals, school friends etc and, once you have 10 to 15 players committed to joining forces, you can enter a full team yourself!

Click here to see the full list of venues and nights available in the upcoming leagues and then choose the one that suits your team best.

You should reserve your team spot now (at no cost) by clicking on the link below and, when you have filled in your relevant contact details, choose “Cheque” as your Payment Option. Follow the instructions and your team place will be confirmed, subject to full payment before the league starts!

If you wait to register until you have all the money collected from your team mates, 
you may find that there are no places left!

Save Hassle by getting a Player Payment Link!
Our registration system also enables you get a payment link to send to your team mates, allowing them pay us direct and removing the hassle from you actually collecting the money! Here is what to do:
  1. Register a team as detailed above, choosing "Cheque" as your Payment Option.
  2. Log into your Captain’s Dashboard using the username and password emailed to you.
  3. You will see your registered team and it will say you have €0 paid and €XXX outstanding. So divide whatever’s outstanding between all the players on the squad and decide how much each person is to pay.
  4. Click on the relevant team name link .
  5. This brings you to the payment breakdown page, which tells you who has paid what and when (currently blank, obviously!).
  6. Click “Make Payment”.
  7. This brings you to the payment screen for this participant team.
  8. Copy the URL in the web address bar and paste it into an email.
  9. This is the link which you can send onto your team mates and they will be brought direct to this page to pay their balance online.
  10. You will now get an email every time someone pays their portion of the fee, allowing you track who has paid what etc. You can also log in at any stage to view who has and hasn’t paid.
  11. Follow this process every time you register a new team, namely
    • 1. Register team as "Cheque" payment 
    • 2. Use up any Loyalty Points available 
    • 3. Divide outstanding balance between those on your squad
    • 4. Get unique URL for team (detailed above)
    • 5. Email this URL onto your team mates for them to pay their portion direct to us
  12. If you follow this procedure for each of your teams, you will be able to track all your payments and all your Loyalty Points!


2. Join a Fun, Social Team
If you don't have a full team already, then we'll help find you a great social team with 9 like-minded guys and girls! Below we have detailed the 4 Step Process on how to sign up.

Perfect for players new to a city, looking to keep fit and meet new people, we create over 50 teams involving 500 players in this way every year, with many of the teams continuing to play together when the initial league ends.

To register for one of our fun, social teams, follow this simple 4 Step Process below:

STEP 1: Click this button:

STEP 2: Select the City that you want to play Tag in and choose "Find a Team".

STEP 3: Pick a Team to Play On. 

  • All of the Teams listed are looking for Individuals to play with them
  • Simply choose the Venue and Day that suits you best
  • The Green Icon shows the number of Guys needed to fill the Team
  • The Blue Icon show the number of Girls needed to fill the Team
  • Click the relevant "Register Now" link

STEP 4: Payment

  • Enter your Contact Details
  • Pay by Visa or Mastercard 
  • When team is full (10 players), we will email you everyone's contact details!!