Player Insurance

As every Tag player has different insurance needs, it is the decision and responsibility of each player to ensure they are adequately covered in accordance with their specific requirements when participating in our events. 

ITRA takes no responsibility for injuries that may occur and players are participating at their own risk.

Personal Accident Cover

Please make sure that both you and your team mates are adequately covered for any injury that may occur while playing Tag. ITRA strongly recommends that every player has their own Personal Accident Cover, which you can purchase from your local financial adviser.

Player Registration

Before you play in an ITRA league or event, you and all of your team mates must register online. Your captain will be able to provide you with a link to register through. The process only takes 2 minutes. Players can even register at the pitchside on their phones but may not participate in a game prior to registering.

By registering, you agree that ITRA is not liable for any personal injury or any other accident that may cause injury. In case of injury or illness, you are also giving your consent to emergency transportation and the administration of first aid and medical treatment. 

Personal Property

ITRA takes no responsibility for, and hereby, excludes liability to the fullest extent permitted by law, for any personal injury or loss or damage to any personal property sustained while playing Tag or while present at any ITRA venue.

Third Parties

All players use the services of third party organisations at ITRA Events at their own risk.

Health Check Up

ITRA recommends that all players, who have health-related concerns about taking part in an ITRA Event, visit their local GP for a health check-up before participating in the Event