Welcome to Junior Tag, the most exciting outdoor summer sport for children in 2021!

If you cannot find all the info you need below; please contact Sam Totterdell who is our Junior Tag coordinator and Sam will be happy to help.

E: juniortag@tagrugby.ie   /    Mob: 086-3972822

Due to the massive popularity of Junior Tag this summer; we are extending our first JT term into a second six week term;Tuesday afternoons for your child to learn all about TAG.

Junior Tag 2021 SECOND TERM Tuesday afternoon details:

  • Venue: Blackrock Coll Rugby Club, Stradbrook Rd, Blackrock, Co Dublin. A94 K2V8
  • Grass pitch
  • Evening:  Tuesdays
  • Duration: 6 wks
  • Start date: Tuesday 15th June, 2021
  • Finish Date: Tuesday 20th July 2021
  • Cost: €36 pp for 6 wks coaching
  • ** Please be aware that Oztag unisex shorts / girls tights are mandatory for all participants (the only Tag equip you need) see below
  • Tag First Session Time: 4pm - 4:55pm (55min Tag play and coaching)
  • Tag First Session - Junior & Senior Infants / 1st & 2nd Class / 3rd & 4th Class / 5th & 6th Class boys & girls
  • Tag Second Session Time: 5:30pm - 6:25pm (55min Tag play and coaching)
  • Tag Second Session - 1st & 2nd Class / 3rd & 4th Class / 5th & 6th Class boys & girls
  • Junior Tag is played by boys and girls equally together.  Depending on reg no's groups may be mixed boys/girls or separate, depending.
  • If parents would like their child to specifically be in the same group as another friend or sibling (or separated!) please contact Sam on juniortag@tagrugby.ie and he will do his best to facilitate.


  • In the YOUR DETAILS section; please remember to put the child's details & only yours for contact info!
  • First Name = child's first name
  • Last Name = child's last name
  • Email = parents contact email
  • Mobile = parents contact mob
  • DOB = child's date of birth
  • Gender = child boy/girl
  • Quota = click NO!
  • Prem Player = click NO!

Junior Tag Registration Links below: 

Second Term: TUESDAY 4pm (1st session) - Junior & Senior Infants boys & girls

Second Term: TUESDAY 4pm (1st session) - 1st & 2nd Class boys & girls

Second Term: TUESDAY 4pm (1st session) - 3rd & 4th Class boys & girls

Second Term: TUESDAY 4pm (1st session) - 5th & 6th Class boys & girls

Second Term: TUESDAY 5:30pm (2nd session) - 1st & 2nd Class boys & girls

Second Term: TUESDAY 5:30pm (2nd session) - 3rd & 4th Class boys & girls

Second Term: TUESDAY 5:30pm (2nd session) - 5th & 6th Class boys & girls


Our "New" Oztag unisex Tag shorts & girls Tag 'tights' have just arrived.  But it is the only official piece of equipment you need to play Junior Tag.  They can be used in other sports and are very comfy for leisure wear.  Parents looking to order Oztag unisex shorts / girls tights can contact Sam directly by email.  They will be available to purchase on the night for €20 each (cash or Revolut payment).

Sizes: 22inch: 5yrs - 8yrs / 24inch: 9yrs - 10yrs / 26inch: 11yrs - 12yrs (elastic waist band with draw string, so flexible sizes).  Girls tights are one size: XS, ladies 8, lycra tights: first girls 8yrs - 12yrs.

The Irish Tag Rugby Association (ITRA) have been pioneering Tag since we first introduced the sport twenty one years ago to Ireland in the summer of 2000.

Junior Tag is a fun, non-contact sport for 5 – 12 year old boys & girls to play.  Your child does not need any previous Tag experience and we welcome boys and girls of all abilities. Tag compliments all team sports. They will be coached the basics of how to play Tag, rules, skills, and finish with fun games. The emphasis is on running, passing and tagging.(Removing a Velcro Tag replaces the "tackle"). 

We are launching the second term of this summer's Junior Tag coaching programme for 5 - 12 year old boys and girls from Junior Infants up to 6th Class in National School.

These coaching sessions all commence from Monday 14th June & Tuesday 15th June 2021 and will run for 6 weeks term until Monday 19th July & Tuesday 20th July 2021.

Our Tag programme will have 1 coach to 14 players in line with Gov sporting regulations.That group will not mix with anybody else.The session will last for 55 min, to allow 5min for players to leave / arrive and balls will be sprayed down and new tags replaced after each session.  

  • Please wear appropriate footwear for grass, studded boots is preferable
  • Bring a bottle of water for hydration.

Parents may stay to watch their child play, so long as they maintain the 2m social distancing guidelines.

We hope to see your child booked in and playing Junior Tag and making new friends.

For more information, please contact Sam on E: juniortag@tagrugby.ie or (M) 086-3972822

Junior Tag Action from Australia
Some excellent action from OzTag in Australia, where Junior Tag is a hugely popular sport.