1. What is Junior Tag?

Junior Tag is a non-contact sport.  The emphasis is on running passing and tagging.  It is a fast and skillful game, where the attacking team in possession of the ball must score a TRY.  The opposition team are the defenders.  They must look to prevent the attacking team from scoring a TRY by removing one or both velcro Tags from the attacking play who is carrying the ball.

The attacking team has "6 Tags" or lives to score a TRY.  If they fail to score, then a turnover is awarded by the referee and the opposition team now has "6 Tags" to score a TRY.

Junior Tag compliments a wide range of other sports and will help with evasion, balance, footwork and hand-eye coordination.  

2. Who can play Junior Tag?

Junior Tag is for boys and girls attending National School age and up to 1st Year in Secondary School.  

So from Junior Infants (5 rs) up to 6th Class (12 yrs) & 1st Year in Secondary School (13 yrs)

3. Can boys and girls play Tag together?

Yes, Tag is non-contact, so size is irrelevant.  Speed and skills are more important!  Junior Tag promotes both 'Mixed' Tag teams as well as separate 'Boys' only & 'Girls' only teams.  Players learn to play in a TEAM environment.

4. What happens each week at Junior Tag?

Each week our experienced JT coaches will teach the kids all about Tag.  They will do warm-up games, learn skills such as catch and pass, how to evade being tagged, teamwork.  We will have Tag matches every week and the children will be put into Tag teams (either mixed boys & girls or separate gender teams)

5. What equipment do I need to bring?

You will need to have the official 'Tag Shorts' to play.  This is the only specific mandatory equipment you need.  These have velcro patches on both hips to allow the velcro TAGS to be attached.  

Footwer?  You need the correct footwear for the pitch surface.  When we play on grass; studded or moulded boots are fine and on a 4G all weather synthetic surface, then runners or boots are fine.

6. What else do I need to bring?

You will need a bottle of water for hydration and of course appropriate clothing for the weather; leggings / tracksuit and fleece for colder weather.  The Tag shorts can be worn OVER the leggings!

7. Tag Venues?

Currently, we have DLR Monkstown Leisure Centre as our primary Junior Tag venue for 2021.  As soon as more venues become available we will notify you.

8. Junior Tag Season and Dates?

We will be running a 14 week JT coaching programme in 2021 in DLR Monkstown.  These will be on Tuesday afternoons, starting from Tuesday 7th Septemeber and running until Tuesday 14th December 2021.  There will be a one week break on Tuesday 26th October for mid-term Halloween break.

9. Cost?

The price per child is €99 per child for the 14 week Junior Tag programme (€7 pp / pw)

10. Cancellations?

We will primarily be playing on all weather pitches.  So they will be playable in most weather conditions, except for snow / ice!  However in the event of very heavy wind and rain, causing conditions to be very cold and uncomfortable for children, we will not go ahead.  ITRA will try and give as much advance notice as feasibly possible.

11. Contact Us?

You can contact Simon Bewley on (m) 087-0523482 or email: