What is Junior Tag?

Junior Tag is a non-contact sport.  The emphasis is on running passing and tagging.  It is a fast and skillful game, where the attacking team in possession of the ball must score a TRY.  The opposition team are the defenders.  They must look to prevent the attacking team from scoring a TRY by removing one or both velcro Tags from the attacking play who is carrying the ball.

The attacking team has "6 Tags" or lives to score a TRY.  If they fail to score, then a turnover is awarded by the referee and the opposition team now has "6 Tags" to score a TRY.

As soon as the player with the ball is 'tagged' they must stop where they were tagged and 'Play-The-Ball' with their foot through their legs to the next player who is called the 'Dummy Half' (typically the 'scrum-half in rugby) and they pass the ball.

The defending player who made the "Tag" becomes the 'marker' and they stand in front of the attacking player at the PTB.  The rest of the defending team stands 5m back in line with the referee.  The defence can only move up when the DH touches the ball.

Each of the "6 Tags" re-start with a PTB.  The match starts with a 'tap ball' off the foot (ball does not have to leave the hand)

In JT to promote more passing and team inclusion.  The DH and 1st receiver must both pass the ball before anybody tries to score.  This promotes positive play.

We also 'encourage' the ball carrier to carry the ball in BOTH hands to aide passing and to minimise blocking their tags and fending!

One point for every TRY scored.

Junior Tag compliments a wide range of other sports and will help with evasion, balance, footwork and hand-eye coordination.  It is GREAT FUN!