Divide Team Reg Fee Equally Between Play
Thursday 7 March 2013 02:08

From our 13 years running Tag Rugby Leagues, we learned that one of the things you find most difficult when registering a tag rugby team is collecting money from your team mates. 

Therefore you now have the option to pay a deposit to secure your team's place in our leagues, and then forward an email link onto your team mates who can log in and pay off the outstanding balance! 

No more pressure on team captains to pay all the money up-front and then spend time chasing team mates up to pay. Now simply forward the link onto your team and watch the outstanding balance fall as payments are made! Plus you can log in and view a full payment history to see who has paid and who has yet to do so. The team must be paid 
 one week before the league is due to start.

Of course, you can still register your team by paying in full by credit or laser card or by cheque.

This development will hopefully help you out financially in these tough economic times and look forward to your feedback on it.