Exciting Plans for Limerick Tag 2016
Friday 22 January 2016 04:34

Old Crescent RFC is delighted to announce that, from January 2016, the club will be taking over the organisation and running of Tag Rugby in Limerick, in association with Tagrugby.ie.

A Tag Rugby Management Committee has been formed within the club with direct responsibility for all Tag operations in Limerick including:
  • Organisation of Year-Round Tag Leagues;
  • Recruitment of Teams;
  • Recruitment of Staff (Venue Managers & Referees);
  • Customer Service;
  • Discipline; and
  • Apres-Tag Social Activities.
Tagrugby.ie, working closely with the new Management Committee in Old Crescent RFC, will continue to provide the following services:
  • Website for Registration;
  • Training of Staff (Venue Managers & Referees);
  • Creation of Fixtures & Results on Website & Tag App;
  • Equipment, including Balls, Tags, Staff Clothing & Tag Shorts; and
  • Representative Tag Opportunities, via Regionals & Internationals.
We hope the new arrangement will provide Limerick Tag Players with a better overall Tag experience, by combining Tagrugby.ie’s excellence in logistics with superior local knowledge and experience. 

Further details of our exciting plans for 2016 will be announced shortly. You can though sign up now for the Spring and Summer Leagues in Limerick on the Tagrugby.ie website.

For more information about the new arrangements for Tag Rugby in Limerick, contact:

Eugene O’Riordan Peadar Niland
eugene@pignporter.com peadar.niland@tagrugby.ie
Old Crescent RFC Managing Director, Tagrugby.ie