Heineken Light Tag Spring & Summer 2018
Tuesday 23 January 2018 11:04

Register Now for Heineken Light Tag Spring & Summer Leagues

We are delighted to announce our full list of venues, nights and start dates for Spring & Summer Tag Leagues 2018, which you can view by downloading the Excel spreadsheet below. Go through the different options, discuss with your team mates and then register for your preferred venue today!!

There is a fantastic range of options available for you to play Heineken Light Tag this Spring & Summer. Most venues are located in city centres so are easy to get to with many having multiple nights available, so you can play on the day that suits you best.

Click on the Image below for a complete list of Spring venues;



Click on the Image below for a complete list of Summer venues;



If your normal team cannot continue playing into Spring or Summer but you would like to Tag On, then simply sign up to our Find a Team service and we will put you on a team with 11 other players also looking for new team mates.


If you'd like to play Women's or Men's Only Tag, we have a Spring and Summer League kicking off in UCD on Monday evenings. Women's Only Tag is a brilliant way to improve your playing skills as you get more touches of the ball than in Mixed Tag without losing any of the competitiveness and intensity. 

If your team would like to play at an Elite level we have a Spring and Summer league kicking off in UCD in Dublin.

For anyone with 
ambitions to play Representative Tag, you must play in either a Premiership, Men’s or Women’s Super League, wherever you live. 

If your normal team isn't interested in playing at Elite Level, but you would like to give it a try, you should sign up as an Individual and we will put you on a team with other players also interested in developing their game by playing at the highest level.

Don’t forget that, if you were captain of a team in Winter League 2016 or New Year League 2017, you will have accumulated Loyalty Points, which give you money off discounts when registering for the New Year League. 
As usual, to avail of your Loyalty Points discount, make sure you are logged into your Captain's Dashboard when registering the team and they will automatically be taken off. Email us on info@tagrugby.ie or call 01 2020100 if you have any Loyalty Point queries.