Michelle Lawlor RIP
Thursday 8 January 2015 12:11

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Michelle Lawlor, who died on December 28th last. Michelle was an extremely well-known and popular member of both the Dublin and London Tag communities and her death will be keenly felt by players in both communities. Michelle was a talented tag player, having represented Dublin and London at a regional level, as well as playing for many, many teams in tournaments of all levels. As a mark of respect we will be holding a minute's silence in memory of Michelle ahead of tonight's fixtures at Clontarf Road. As an association we offer our sincere condolences to Michelle's family, friends, and teammates. 

Michelle's friend and teammate Sean Markey has paid her the following personal tribute:

"Michelle Lawlor first showed up in the Clontarf tag scene about a year ago.  It was obvious from the word go that she had a genuine love for the game and savoured every last minute she spent on the pitch.  Her on-field commitment was second to none; whether she was lining out for the Dublin team, subbing in on a wet Wednesday in Clontarf Road or dragging her comrades down to  what would later be referred to as The Hangover Games; the Saturday tag sessions in Deer Park and Fairview where many a groggy head was convinced to join the fun by Michelle's boundless enthusiasm.

Off the pitch, Michelle was every bit as exciting and fun as she was when she was playing tag.  You simply couldn't not drop down to The Yacht bar for one or two after a game when Michelle was calling the shots; and believe you me, if she was there she was calling the shots!

If there was ever an outdoor activity course to be run(amuck), a Spooctacular to be braved or an epic game of flip-cup to be played, Michelle was always first in line to volunteer.  Her spirit of adventure was the spark that brought about many a great day out, usually followed by a wild night out on the town.

Michelle won over the hearts of virtually every last person she encountered during her time among the Crazy Clontarf Crew.

We miss her dearly."

May she rest in peace.