Mix & Match - Friday Singles Tag
Monday 16 January 2017 01:05

Here at HEINEKEN Tag we don't profess to be matchmakers.  BUT, we do give people a great way to meet lots of new friends in a natural, no pressure environment.  All while having loads of FUN!

If you're currently single or if you just want to play more Tag with lots of other single people , then don't sit at home feeling sorry for yourself - Sign up now to our "Mix & Match" Friday Singles Blitzes - Play Tag and Score!

The next of our monthly series of Mix & Match, Friday Singles Blitzes is happening in Alexandra College, Milltown, Dublin 4 on Friday 24th March between 7 & 9pm!

Sign up as an individual to a FUN non-competitive evening  of TAG.  All standards are welcome and encouraged and even if you have never played before don't worry we'll be on hand to take you through the rules of the games before we start.  The emphasis is purely on having a great FUN FRIDAY night with other single people you may have never met before!

Not convinced yet?  Here are some of our top reasons to play Heineken Tag "Mix & Match"  Tag on a Friday night;
  1. Play because you love sports and our TAG leagues are mixed where Men & Women play equally at the same time.  Speaking of love, maybe you'll meet someone on the pitch or in the pub afterwards who''ll just make you smile :-) (Disclaimer: Heineken Tag takes no responsibility for any romantic connections made as a result of joining a team causing broken hearts!)
  2. Play TAG to have FUN and meet like-minded people and to make new friends.  Heineken Tag is the best place to meet new people in an open non-awkward way.  Being social and getting exercise improves overall quality of life and makes you a better person.  (please disregard this if you're already perfect)
  3. Play TAG outdoors on a Friday evening to stay active & fit.  If going to a gym and running on a treadmill is your idea of hell, then Heineken Tag is the answer for you.  Chasing a ball (not a euphemism!) & frantically trying to rip off someones tags (who wrote this?  the innuendo is terrible!) is the best way to break a sweat, & fit in your daily workout.  Exercise makes your body produce endorphins, and endorphins make you a happier person!
There are 2 parts to how "Mix & Match" works.  Firstly there is the TAG; 2 hours of fun before we head to The Dropping Well Pub, just down the road to socialise and have some fun.

  • Matches are played on a floodlit astro hockey pitch
  • Matches will be mixed 6 a side (3 guys, 3 girls, no subs)
  • You will be randomly assigned a team when you arrive and after every match! thereby meeting lots of new people throughout the night
  • Matches are 10 minutes in duration and everybody will get 5 matches, so 50 mins of gametime.
  • All standards of players (beginner - experienced) will play on the same team and our friendly referees will be coaching as they go.
  • There will be NO knock-out competitive rounds at the end.  Just a series of friendly, fun, 10 minute rounds with the emphasis on making new teammates and friends as the evening progresses.
  • Then head to The Dropping Well for post-match refreshments.
  • NB - TAG "Jocks" & "Jockettes"; please note, selection for the 2018 Tag World Cup will not be happening on this night!  Its all about having fun.
Date: Friday 24th March
Time: Registration/Briefing @ 18:30.  KO @19:00.  Then head to Dropping Well from 21:00.
Venue: Alexandra College, Milltown, Dublin 4
Facilities: Right next to LUAS stop, Male & Female changing & shower rooms, limited car parking
Entry Cost: €20 per person, to enter click here