NEW to Tag Coaching
Thursday 13 October 2016 11:11

Do you really like meeting new people in an outdoor fun sporty atmosphere? 
Never played TAG?  And you want to try a new fun sport, that is ‘soft-contact’ and not competitive
You already play TAG, but are tired of people not passing you the ball and you feel you haven’t really improved as a TAG player?
You like TAG, and would like to learn more about how to play TAG, but in a relaxed and fun atmosphere (less pressure)

If the answers to most or all of the above is a resounding “YES”, then we have exactly the TAG league for you!


Mixed Fun Social Beginner Coaching League:

WHO:  This is targeted at Taggers who may have played TAG for a while, but have not learnt much about the game, don’t like the pressurised competitive teams/leagues and just want a fun social night of TAG to improve their game and meet likeminded people.


BENEFITS:  Players will not be competitive in any way about winning.  You will be given proper instruction by a suitably qualified TAG coach.  Your match referee will not be keeping the score.  Nobody gives a fiddlers about any mistakes you make during the match.  Everybody’s main priority is having fun, getting some exercise, improving your TAG skills and meeting new like-minded people post-match in the pub.



We have a designated official “Mixed Fun Social Beginner Coaching Leagues” – in Alexandra College, Milltown, D4 on Thursday nights for the Heineken TAG New Year League.  You will register online as an individual (not as a whole team!).  Heineken TAG will make up random, different TAG teams every night, which will be different from week to week.


Coaching + Match for weeks 1 & 2:

You will have a 40min time slot.    There will be 20 players max per time slot, making two team squads.  During the 40min, you will be given 20min warm-up & TAG specific coaching (e.g. catch & pass, defensive tagging, hip twists to avoid being tagged, player positioning, the rules of the sport, & lots more…).  Then the final 20min will be 2x10min TAG matches with players all mixing teams & practicing what you learnt.

Fun Social TAG Blitz on week 3:

All 40 individual TAG players will arrive down to venue to play over two time slots = 80min.

Heineken TAG will divide all male and female players into 4 mixed teams of 10 players / squad.  Everybody will play a ‘round robin’ format, getting 6x10min blitz games in a fun and social environment.

Then all 40 players + referee & coach will go to the Dropping Well pub just down the road for a post-match party and social night together.


So the Mixed Fun Social Beginner Coaching League format will work off a three week schedule.  First two weeks is coaching and match.  Then on the third week it is a Fun Social TAG Blitz with lots of mixed-up games and a party after.  This format will be repeated twice in the schedule pre-Christmas!


Individual Player Reg: €68 pp

Pitch: all weather astro hockey pitch


Thursday 9 week Winter League

Thursday Dates: Start Thurs 26th January 2017 for 9 weeks.

Thursday Time Slots: 20:15 


There are limited places available, Heineken TAG has set aside 2 team places for each venue and night. 

The closing date for Registration is in three weeks; Thur 26th January 2017.

Book now to avoid disappointment!