New Types of Tag Late Summer
Friday 7 July 2017 05:54


Is regular Seven A Side Mixed Social Tag just not doing it for you anymore?



Maybe you want to play with more people?

Do you want to play with men or women only in a social setting?

Perhaps you are looking to play with people who are a little more mature?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Heineken Light Tag just might have the answer that you are looking for!  this Late Summer Heineken Light will be trialling some new formats of tag across Dublin City.


TAG TENS: Ten a side tag action (5 guys, 5 girls) All of the excitement of tag played on a full sized pitch, more kicking, more running and a lot more fun!



MIXED MASTERS: Mixed tag for Men & Women who have been there, done that on a tag pitch!  Registration is limited to Men 35 years old and over and women 33 years old and over.


SOCIAL MEN/WOMEN: Want to give playing Mens or Womens only tag a go but in your venue?  Play Men's or Women's only tag in a relaxed Social venue.



DROP IN TAG:  Do you want to carry on playing Heineken Light Tag for the Late Summer league but aren't able to give full commitment to a league?  Then "Drop In Tag" is just for you, simply pay for your games and play when and if you are available.  It really is that simple, no formal teams or league just come down, play for fun and meet new people!

To find out where these leagues are happening, simply click here or on the spreadsheet below.



For more information or to register for any of these exciting new products simply email the office at