No More Mismatches!
Tuesday 5 March 2013 02:10

After the success of last summer's new Grading system, we are continuing our commitment to make sure that you play against teams at your level in our Summer Leagues.
  1. When you register a team for the ITRA Summer League, you only sign up for the venue and night. 
  2. Then over the first 3 weeks of the league, you play a number of short matches to determine your standard. 
  3. Based on your results, we put all the strong teams in a group together and all the weak teams in another group and you play the remaining 6 weeks against teams at your level.
Note: The length of each Phase depends on the number of teams in the venue. 
This will be explained to team captains and vice captains by email before the start of the league.


Phase 1:
  • In our 9 week Summer League, you firstly sign up for your preferred night and venue.
  • Your team is initially put into a mini group for the first 3 weeks.
  • You will play a number of short matches  (either 20 or 40 min long) over these 3 weeks.
  • Your results over these 3 weeks determines what grade you play in for the remaining 6 weeks.

Phase 2:

  • After Phase 1, we will know your level and be able to put you in a group with teams who are at the same standard as you.
  • So if you win all your Phase 1 games, you will go into the top division in Phase 2 with the other teams in your venue who did well in their Phase 1 games.
  • Similarly if you lose all your Phase 1 games, you will go into the bottom division in Phase 2 with other teams who didn't do so well over the initial 3 weeks.

Phase 3 (Finals Phase):

  • As in previous years, there will be a Finals Phase where you play a knockout match to determine which team leaves with a trophy.
  • Once again, we will have Cup, Plate, Bowl and SuperBowl trophies for teams who win their specific leagues.
  • So Division 1 Cup, Plate, Bowl, SuperBowl then Division 2 Cup, Plate etc

With this system, there are a lot fewer mismatches, which should lead to a much fairer and more enjoyable competition for everyone!