Play for 1 Team per Night per Venue ONLY
Thursday 7 March 2013 02:14

We enforce a strict rule that you can only legally play for one team per night per venue. The reason for this is that you could have a very good player playing for Team A and then, because a team is short, they play also for Team B and help Team B win the game when they would normally have lost. So you cannot legally play for two competitive teams on the same night. 
Of course if Team B is short players, you can take players from Team A to play a friendly and give the opposition a run-about - but you have to let the referee know in advance, forfeit Team B’s game 10:0 and it is not a competitive match. 
If a player illegally plays for two teams on the same night, both teams that they played for forfeit their games 10:0. So anyone caught playing for Team B, who has already played for Team A, both Team A and Team B lose their games 10:0. 
If you have any issues on this law or any other, please speak with your Venue Manager BEFORE you play the game or alternatively give us a shout in Head Office on 01 2020100.