Registration Changes for 2018 Tag
Thursday 7 December 2017 03:57





We are digitising our Player Registration process, which had been paper-based for over 15 years. As well as being a hassle for captains getting everyone to sign in each night before a game (especially players who arrive late!), the paper forms have a negative environmental impact.


Instead, every Tag player must now register for their team online in advance of a league starting. You do it once, and that’s you sorted for that season…no more signing in each night.


There are 6 seasons each year (listed below)…plus a handful of one day blitzes, including Pig n Porter and Banna Beach Tag – so a player will be required to accept’s online T&Cs for each of these seasons and blitzes:


1. New Year League

2. Spring League

3. Summer League

4. Late Summer League

5. Autumn League

6. Winter League



It’s very easy! Choose one of these four steps:


1. Enter the email address of your players when registering your team. If your team previously played in that venue, the website will give you the option to pre-populate your new team with your previous players, who you can then add and remove as required.

2. Forward them the Player Registration Link, which you will automatically receive via email when you register a team.

3. Log into your Captain Homepage, choose your relevant team, copy the URL and email to new players.

4. LAST MINUTE (NOT RECOMMENDED!) Your Venue Manager will have access to the Player Registration Link for each team, which they can send to any new players who must accept the T&Cs at the side of the pitch before playing.



• Every team must have at least 7 players registered online 7 days before the league starts.

• If not, the captain and vice-captain will get an urgent email to register players.

• Teams with less than 7 players registered online will be unable to play in their first tag fixture.

• Teams playing with unregistered players risk forfeiting their game 10:0.

• Venue Managers will be checking teams to ensure everyone is registered.




• You must enter a valid credit card number when choosing the “Pay by Cheque / Bank Transfer” option. If the cheque/bank transfer isn’t received within 10 days of the league starting, the credit card will instead be charged. (It can be refunded at a later date when the cheque/bank transfer eventually arrives.)


• COMING SOON: New credit option available to year-round playing teams who apply, and are approved for, credit, subject to agreeing to’s credit terms.