Returning to tag safely
Tuesday 23 June 2020 03:28

Covid-19: Guidelines on Safe Return to ITRA Tag Rugby


Covid Supervisors/ At the Venue

At each ITRA Tag Rugby Venue, the Venue Manager will be the designated Covid Supervisor. They will be responsible for the following


  • Receiving an online message from all teams with their players for that evening before 6pm or earlier (contact tracing)
  • Ensuring all players have filled out the online Health questionnaire as part of their player registration prior to playing.
  • If a team’s player circumstances change regarding information received in questionnaire, the Covid Supervisor needs to be informed by that players Covid Officer
  • Ensuring Balls are cleaned by Referees at start, half time and at conclusion of each game.
  • Ensure Tags are sanitised between each tag match and washed at highest temperature weekly
  • Ask each team to leave their venue by designated exit in a timely manner after each match.
  • Invite next teams from their designated area into the playing area once previous teams have vacated the playing area. Teams should not arrive at venue more than 10 minutes before scheduled start of their match
  • Sanitizing of facilities At the end of each night, the Covid Supervisor should ensure all playing equipment (e.g. balls, tags, cones etc.), the medical room and the Toilet(s) are sanitised by the Venue before use by the next team or training group.
  • Attendance records/data management The Covid Supervisor will ensure that the record of everybody attending game will be available in the event that contact tracing or other intervention is required. Data management will be consistent with GDPR guidelines.


Covid Officers / Team Responsibility

Every Tag Team will be required to have at least one Covid Officer who will be required to familiarize themselves with a Covid 19 online education module. Every tag team should have someone nominated with responsibility for Covid supervision present at each game.


The main duties of the team’s Covid Officer will include:


  • Ensuring players and backroom personnel have completed the Health Questionnaire before the initial first game (it will be the responsibility of the individual to inform the team’s Covid Officers of any change in circumstance before subsequent sessions)
  • Liaising with each venues Covid Supervisor and providing them with team list of players before each game
  • Advising the Covid Supervisor if any players situation has changed from their questionnaire
  • All players will be asked to register again on ITRA site before playing to include the Health Questionnaire and players who have not done so will not be allowed play.
  • Teams should bring their own hand sanitizer for interchanging and half time
  • Teams should adhere to strict Social distancing outside the actual game.
  • This is a rapidly evolving situation and as such, Covid Officers will have a role in conveying and explaining policy decisions. Changes in community transmission rates and associated advice from public health authorities may require to be addressed urgently with appropriate adjustments.


Scheduling and Game Protocols

The principle of get in, play and get out will apply.


  • There will be a longer time interval between games and where possible separate entry and exit points to the actual pitch setting.
  • No teams will be allowed on the designated pitch setting until the previous teams have left.
  • Game times may be staggered, in larger Venues, to minimize amount of people arriving and departing at same time.
  • All Player registrations, and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions to play, must be done online before arrival at the venue.
  • All players must enter the playing area through the allocated Entry point only.
  • The Captain only must approach the Venue Manager to find their allocated pitch
  • For matches, it is highly recommended that:
    • Each Team has their own Hand Sanitizer for interchange and at conclusion of each half
    • Team mates remain 2m apart at all times during team talks or while on the sideline as a substitute etc. Team huddles should be avoided.
    • Everyone brings their own water bottle – no sharing.
  • Leave the venue as quickly as possible - hanging around the venue with your team mates is not recommended.
  • Take a shower as soon as you get home.


Attendance will be limited to essential personnel. Compliance will be necessary to ensure efficiency and harmony.


Protocol for Participation

Players and team personnel should be provided with this document and have completed an online education module prior to participation. Participants are also required to change at home, travel separately (except members of same household), shower at home and where possible use toilet facilities at home. Strapping should be applied at home. All players should use their own individual and clearly labelled water bottles.


Online module can be found here: