Tagrugby.ie Premiership 2013
Thursday 7 March 2013 12:09

Here is info about the Tagrugby.ie Premiership tournament this summer.


After 2 years, Monkstown RFC (Pembroke Cricket Club) didn’t want to host the Premiership in 2013 as they want to concentrate on the more social teams who spend time in their bar after games. The club’s feeling was that the better players/athletes in the Premiership naturally drink less and don’t hang around the club as much as the weaker, more social teams.

This, combined with the fact that Monkstown are so strict on footwear – and Premiership players need to have the correct boots on to play the game at fast speeds etc – forced us to look for alternative options for the Premiership in 2013.


My colleague Kats rang (or left voicemail) with all of last year’s Premiership captains to gage interest for 2013 and find out what venues and nights suited you guys best. While the night of the week was not hugely important, your feedback was that playing on a grass surface was vital. Therefore we are delighted to have secured UCD Grass Rugby pitch in Belfield on Tuesday evenings, exclusively for Premiership matches.


Based on your feedback, the venue and night will hopefully work well for your team:

  • We have the booking from 7-9pm so kick off times will be at 19:15 and 20:00 each week – no more very early (18:30) or very late KO (20:45) times like in Pembroke
  • As we are moving to a less busy tag evening, we will have a panel of all our best Grade A refs in Dublin available, who will be rotated each week for Premiership matches
  • After initially suggesting the All Weather Rugby Pitch, we have taken your feedback on board and have now booked on the UCD Grass Rugby pitch (behind the hockey pitch) just for the Premiership so your teams can play each week on grass, which is ideal preparation for All Ireland Finals, Pig n Porter etc
  • With Tuesdays being a traditionally quieter night, it will free your players up to play with their more social work/friends’ teams on Thursday evenings


1. Beach Bums and Babes

2. Bircroft Panther Bears

3. Bircroft Panthers

4. Bucky Bruisers

5. Cunning Stunts

6. KPMG Exiles

7. Minisoda Vikings

8. Pumas

9. Super Freaks

10. The Pie Eaters

11. The Rockets

12. Wild Geese


As in previous years, every Premiership team automatically qualifies for our All Ireland Finals on Saturday 27th July.


We’re also contacting teams who won their leagues last year (and thus played in All Ireland Finals), recommending that they play in the Premiership. We are hopeful that we will be able to add some fresh blood to the Premiership...and by playing on Tuesdays, there is a higher chance that this will also suit new teams (who traditionally play on Wed & Thurs nights).

If you would like to play in the Premiership, you should reserve your spot ASAP (at no cost) by clicking on the link below, filling in your details as normal and choosing “cheque” as your Payment Option. (You can follow it up later with payment.) If you wait until you have all money collected from your team mates, there may be no places left. Because of the limited number of spaces available, we expect it to fill very quickly. So if your team would like to play in the Premiership, please sign up ASAP!

You can sign up from today (the general Summer League ezine will go out this afternoon) on the link below and the cost is €500 plus 100 Loyalty Points, which you can use later in the year to get €100 discount off any L8 Summer, Autumn or Winter League or any of our Beach Tag Events (we are going to be back in Clifden this summer after a few years away...exact dates to follow later!)

CLICK TO RESERVE YOUR TEAM PLEASE: http://www.tagrugby.ie/Find-A-League.aspx

Please email info@tagrugby.ie or call us on  01 2020100 if you have any queries, concerns or issues about this or anything else.

Looking forward to another great year – who is going to take the title from The Pie Eaters??!!!