We're recruiting referees
Thursday 7 November 2019 11:39



No sport can exist without highly skilled referees, and tag rugby is no different. We're on the lookout for new referees in Dublin, with beginner and advanced-level courses beginning next week. 

 Interested? Some FAQs are answered below:

Do I get paid? 

Yes, all of our referees are paid per game. It's a very handy way of earning some extra spending cash, particularly if you're in College. 

 Do you need me all year round? 

Tag rugby runs year-round in Dublin, with venues all across the city on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In spring and summer we increase the number of venues, levels, and also play on Mondays. 

I'm interested, but I don't know anything about tag. Is this an issue? 

Not at all! We're hosting total beginner workshops on Tuesday evenings near Dublin city centre. ?

 I referee another sport/already play tag and have a good grasp of the laws. Do I have to start as a beginner? 

 Nope - we are running an advanced "fast-track" programme for players with a strong grounding in the laws. These sessions will be run on Thursday evenings near Dublin city centre, led by our experienced refereeing team. The objective will be to prepare you for refereeing Prem, regionals, and international tag next Spring and summer. 

For more information and to express your interest, check out the below link. We'll be in touch shortly afterwards with information on our programme.



Convinced? Sign up NOW at https://www.tagrugby.ie/Referee-Registration.aspx