You’ve Been Framed!
Friday 10 May 2013 12:13

Every Tuesday, in association with our Media Partner, Metro Herald, we are going to “PUT YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS!”...your team name that is!

Each week, a different Tag Rugby team will be featured in the popular Dublin daily – so this is your chance to shine! 
We want to “get the competitive juices flowing” by profiling our tag players so, if you play against a featured team, you will know exactly what you’re up against!

Pump it Up...Tell Us All!! Send us your
 Team Biog to put you ahead of the pack! It might include:
  • How you got together? 
  • Are you school pals or workmates? 
  • Did you join one of our individual teams - and the team has stuck together?
  • What happens "après tag”?!
  • Maddest moment? 
  • Funniest score (on pitch!)
If your team is interested in getting your mugshot and Taglife story all over Dublin in the Metro Herald on Tuesdays, get in touch with us TODAY!

Simply email Molly with your team info on or call 01 2020100 and we’ll do the rest! 

Look out for our inaugural profile of Thermal Taggers 
who play in Terenure College RFC in
Tuesday's Metro Herald.

Make sure to pick up a copy!