Please note that Quota does NOT APPLY for 'Junior Tag'

This only applies for adult Tag players!

International Quota (IQ) Policy 2021: Current International

International Player Quota Policy

1.1 In a given calendar year, any player who played on any of the following Irish Teams in the previous calendar year shall count as an “International Player” for the purpose of these rules:
Mixed 21s Men’s 21s, Women’s 21s 
Mixed Open, Men’s Open, Women’s Open
Mixed Senior, Men’s 30s, Women’s 30s
and such other team as ITRA shall from time to time designate, provided always that ITRA will give advance notice of such designation prior to any player playing on such other team.
In addition, any player who played for an ITF Sanctioned International Team (e.g. Great Britain) in the previous calendar year shall also count as an “International Player”.

1.2 In the exceptional circumstances, where no international play has taken place in the prior year, the year before that shall be deemed the “previous calendar year” for the purpose of these rules.

1.3 Where applicable, an “International Player” shall have a “Designated Club” which shall be the Mixed Premiership team:
For which they registered and played for Premiership play for Summer 2020; or
If not registered for Premiership play for Summer 2020, shall be the Mixed Premiership team for which they first register for Premiership Play thereafter prior to becoming an International Player.
For the avoidance of doubt, where a player is or becomes an International Player without having a Designated Club they will not be able subsequently to associate with a Designated Club for the purpose of Rule 1.5 below, save in exceptional circumstances as provided for in Rule 1.6.

1.4 No Team shall have more than five (5) (referred to as a “quota”) International Players registered and playing as members of their Premiership Squad. This rule shall be known as the “International Quota Rule”.

1.5 Where more than a quota of 5 International Players share a “Designated Club”, it shall not be a breach of the “International Quota Rule” for any or all of those players to continue to register and play for their “Designated Club” team in future Premiership seasons.
For the avoidance of doubt, this rule is aimed at avoiding a situation where a team must divest itself of International Players who were selected while playing for that designated team.
Where an International Player wishes to register for and play Premiership for a team other than their Designated Club’s team, they can only do so if that team does not already have a quota of 5 other International Players registered for that Premiership season.

1.6 On request of an International Player, ITRA may allow a player to change their Designated Club or to join a Designated Club, but this discretion will only be exercised in genuinely exceptional circumstances where ITRA deem it consistent with ITRA’s values and the spirit that underpins these rules, and where ITRA consider that it would be unfair not to do so.
(By way of example, ITRA would consider exercising this discretion where a player had no genuine connection to their default “Designated Club”, was not aware of these Rules at the time of playing for that default “Designated Club”, and where they had a long-standing and genuine connection to a different Club at the time of their becoming an International Player).

1.7 The foregoing Rules shall apply equivalently to the Championship, Men’s, and Women’s Elite level competitions, save that in Championship the quota for the purposes of rule 1.4 shall be three (3) international players. 

1.8 Where a Club fields teams in Women’s, Men’s, or Championship Elite level competitions as well as in Premiership competitions, any player registered on one or other of all of those teams who becomes an “International Player“ without having a “Designated Club” (for example, by virtue of not having played Mixed Premiership prior to becoming an International Player), then the Club’s Premiership Team shall automatically be that player’s “Designated Club”.

1.9 Where a Club wishes to avail of these rule they must apply to ITRA for approval in advance, setting out the reason why they should be considered a Club, and they will only be entitled to be considered a Club for the purpose of these rules where ITRA so determines.