International Quota (IQ) Policy 2019: Current International

A “current international” is someone who:

  • Played in the British & Irish Cup September 2018 in Meath for Ireland or Great Britain or played in the 2018 ITF Tag Rugby World Cup.
  • Is a current member of any non-Irish ITF nation’s international team. 

    "Nurtured Player” Exemption
    If you have a player who played with you in the 2018 Summer League (this does not include Late Summer!) and is a new Irish international (i.e. selected for the first time in the September 2018 B&I Tag Cup or World Cup Squad), they are exempt from the IQ for all relevant elite leagues in 2019 where they are playing for the same team on the same night as they did in 2018. This applies to Men’s, Ladies, Championship and Premiership.

  • Summer League is the main competition for the year when everybody plays.

    Sample Scenarios:

  • I played with Ireland during the 2017 Tri Nations versus Australia and Great Britain but I am no longer an Irish Tag Squad member and did not play versus GB in September 2018 or the Tag World Cup Exempt from IQ
  • I played for my elite mixed or elite men’s/ladies team in Summer League 2018 and was only selected for Ireland in September 2018 for the first time. I will play for the same relevant team(s) in all elite Leagues in 2019 Exempt from IQ when playing for the same Summer 2018 team
  • I played for a club team on Thursday last year and that same club team is now going to play on Tuesday instead and I was only selected for Ireland for the first time in September 2018. I did not play for a Tuesday team in 2018. Exempt from IQ
  • I played for a team in Limerick last summer, have now moved to Dublin, will be playing for a new elite mixed and/or men’s/ladies team in the Leagues in 2019 and I played in the B&I and or World Cup Must be included in IQ
  • I am new to Tag but a former Irish rugby league international and played in the B&I Cup in September 2018. I will be playing elite mixed/men’s/ladies for the first time in 2019 Must be included in IQ
  • I played for a mixed elite and men’s/ladies team in Summer League 2018 and was only selected for Ireland for the first time in September 2018. I want to play for a new team(s) in 2019 Must be included in IQ
  • I played for a mixed elite and/or men’s/ladies team in Summer League 2018 and was only selected for Ireland for the first time in September 2018. My relevant team has disbanded or merged with another team. Must be included in IQ
  • I was a member of the team Ireland squad in 2012 and was re-selected as part of the Irish squad for September 2018. I am still playing for the same relevant elite team(s) in 2019 as I was in 2018. Must be included in IQ
  • I was a member of team GB for B&I Cup in 2018 Must be included in IQ
  • I was picked in 2018 for a Team Ireland squad, I have not played International Tag previously and I am playing for the same team as Summer league 2018. Exempt from IQ for 2019

Quota for all Dublin Mixed Premierships in 2019 and Cork/Limerick Mixed Premierships in 2018 is 6+1 which is 6 on the night max (field of play and bench) and 7 max in the   league squad. Players are expected to register as subject to IQ or otherwise on the online system (Galway Premiership Quotas TBC at a later date)

Quota for Dublin Mixed Championship to be 3 + 1 which is 3 on the night max (field and bench) and 4 in the league squad total.

Quota for Men’s & Women’s League is 5+1 for 2019 (Dublin & Cork & Limerick).

Please note that Men’s & Women’s Super League is only for that gender specifically to play! In other words, NO ladies to play in the Men’s league, and vice versa. If you do; then   please register for Mixed League where males and females are registered to play equally together!

Reduction in quota for 2020 with the following levels applying:

  • Mixed – 5+1
  • Men’s and Ladies – 5+1

In the event of a clarification been required over the application of the IQ rule to a particular player in your playing squad the position can be clarified by emailing an appeal application to

Cup finals in Spring and Summer:

In the event of a draw at end of normal time in Semi Finals and Finals for Spring and Summer League for Mixed Championship, Premiership and Men’s and Ladies League the match is to be concluded using the ITF drop off rule. There are no substitutions during drop off and the teams are reduced to 5 players (a maximum of 3 Male players in mixed) for the duration of drop off.

Player eligibility for Finals:

For Final’s Night matches: a team can use any player registered on the squad list/team for that relevant league provided that player has been registered at least one week prior to the final in that league and they are also included on the submitted IQ squad list.

For example, in an 8 week league a team will not be allowed to make any changes or add any new players after Week 7. All players must be registered for their team once when they play during Weeks 1 – 7.

Mixed Social League:

These are ITRA Tag leagues outside of Premiership / Championship / Division 1. There is a limit of three (3) premiership players of which only two can be (2) International Quota (IQ) player restriction per squad.

That is a maximum of three premiership standard players to include up to two (2) International standard players (male or female) in the squad on/off the pitch registered for that Mixed Social team.

A premiership player is defined as somebody who has registered to play premiership  in any current (or  the previous) Elite League (excluding Championship)  and has played more than one game in each of those leagues. It does not include anybody who has yet to register and play in two separate distinct premiership leagues. All regional players are in this instance classed as "premiership players" 

Please note you can only register and play for one team in any given league.