Tag is a soft contact sport like basketball meaning that some physical contact is inevitable but will be penalised by referees, who are instructed to clamp down on both accidental and deliberate contact.

With this in mind, injuries may occur, of which the most common are muscle strains and minor bumps and bruises. More serious injuries can also occur, especially to fingers and thumbs. 

If you or one of your team mates gets injured, get your Venue Manager immediately, who will be located close to the Registration Area. 

First Aid Kit
All Tag venues will have a basic First Aid Kit, which will be held by the Venue Manager. The kit will contain basic first aid equipment that can be used to treat any cuts and bruises received by a player. Ice may also be available; either from instant ice packs in the First Aid Kit or from the venue bar (if available).

Please note that the First Aid Kit is primarily for minor cuts and bruises and does not contain more advanced medical treatments. We recommend that each player bring a supply of items, such as blister pads, Deep Heat spray/rub and strapping for any muscle strains or pulls that may occur while playing.

While a Venue Manager may have basic First Aid, they are not medical professionals. Their role is to manage the venue and care for the general welfare of all players.

Hospital Treatment
If the injury is more serious and the player need to go to A&E, the VM can call an ambulance (or taxi) to take the injured player to the local hospital. 

Unfortunately the Venue Manager cannot leave a venue to accompany injured players to hospital. It is the responsibility of the team captain (or another designated team mate) to accompany the injured player, whether by taxi, private car or ambulance.

As every team has different insurance needs, it is the decision and responsibility of each team member to ensure they are fully covered in accordance with their specific requirements when playing Tag. Click here for more on Player Insurance.


Accident Reporting
If you get injured playig Tag, please inform your Venue Manager immediately. As well as assisting with the injury, the VM will fill out an Accident Report Form and forward it to Head Office, allowing us track the types of injuries that occur and develop specific First Aid plans for each venue.

If you do not report the a
ccident to your VM, we will not have a record of it and it may affect any insurance claim you are looking to make.
Alcohol & Recreational Drugs
Alcohol and recreational drugs pose significant risk of injury to yourself and other players. Because of this, we reserve the right to disqualify / remove any team from a tournament if we suspect a player is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

If you are disqualified or removed from a Tag Event, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Correct Grade
If your team is playing at the correct standard, both you and your opponents will have a similar level of experience regarding the flow of the game. This may help reduce the number of accidental collisions between players. We therefore run a Phased Grading System in our Spring & Summer Leagues to find the appropriate playing level for your team - and hopefully reduce injuries.