Pig'N'Porter 2019

Registration Open! 


The Pig'n'Porter Festival is back on Saturday 13th July in Old Crescent RFC -  Back in Old Crescent and the amazing grass pitches of the South Campus in UL, with 4 different divisions -  2019 will be the biggest and best Pig'N'Porter yet!

It runs from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th July 2018 in Old Crescent RFC, Limerick. The Tag Competitions will take place on Saturday 13th July, in Old Crescent RFC and the University of Limerick - sandwiched on either side by the Pig'n'Porter's renowned social events!

With pigs roasting on spits, drinks flowing and exciting Tag action, the Pig'n'Porter is without doubt one of the highlights of the Irish Tag season - make sure you don't miss it!


Premiership is Back!

With full size Prem pitches in the Club for 10 teams (more in UL) we are aiming for the biggest Prem competition yet with Teams battling for the Inaugural trophy and to be crowned Champs of Pig'N'Porter - There will also be an additional Prem prize to be announced!

Quota for Premiership is based on International Quotas of 6+1 (6 International on the pitch and one on the bench)


NEW - SOCIAL A Competition!

With 10 places in Old Crescent and more in UL, SOCIAL A will be played on Social pitches with Social Rules aimed at our higher level Social Teams so we have more competitive divisions and matches to make PIg'N'Porter more competitive and enjoyable at all levels!

Quota for Social A based on Championship International Quotas of 3 + 1 (3 International players allowed on the pitch and one on the bench)


SOCIAL Competition across Old Crescent and UL!

Do you play Social Tag unaffected by any Quota Restrictions - then this is the competition for your team!  The biggest competition of  the Festival with teams playing across the 2 venues and coming together in Old Crescent for the Finals.

Quota as per 2019 Social League is as follows - Maximum of 3 Premiership players allowed on a squad, no more than 2 of those to be International Players.

 *Please note "Nurtured Player Exemptions" ONLY applies to Premiership in Pig'N'Porter*

*Teams that register to the wrong division will be moved to the correct divisions in whatever Venue has space (EG: If you sign up for Social in Old Crescent and should be Social A - we will move you to Social A - If there is no space to move you to Social A in Old Crescent you will be moved to Social A in UL - So get in quick and make sure you register for the correct division within quotas) *


SUPER SOCIAL - Be the VIP's of the Festival!

Super Social is the full VIP experience for your team!  Super Social is a strong 10 team league with all the glory of playing on the coveted main pitch in Old Crescent, with a private marquee for the use of Super Social Teams only where you will also receive complimentary Breakfast on arrival,   complimentary drinks per player, complimentary Dinner of the infamous Pig on a Spit  and Exclusive surprises throughout the day! 

No quotas apply to Super Social BUT it is a high level Social League!



Similar to last year, Plassey Village is set to be the exclusive Pig ‘N’ Porter Village, some say it’s the ideal location, others say it’s brilliant for midnight tactics, all we know is that its available at scrum-collapsing rates. One man recently said that the only thing he’s seen as comfortable as the beds in UL since last July was the Leinster fullback line against Wasps in the Champions Cup, excusez-moi?

 The accommodation is furnished to Grand Slam standards throughout, but don’t get us wrong, it’s not exactly Buckingham Palace, however, there’s free parking outside, so there’s no need to worry about where you’re going to leave your chariot for the weekend, also, for the Instagram and Snapchat Kings & Queens of the teams, it might be worth noting the free WiFi available in this village is quicker than Stringer was off the back of that scrum against Biarritz in ’06.

 Also, don’t worry if you plan to ruck and roll at Old Crescent RFC all night, our accommodation is only a 10 minute ?m?a?u?l? drive away! So, don’t knock it on and call today for further details and avoid disappointment!