Dublin's only Tag Festival - is back in its 3rd Year with 4 Divisions!

Saturday 13th June 2020 in Terenure RFC!



With full size Prem pitches we are aiming for the biggest Prem competition yet with teams battling for the Inaugural trophy and the €1000 cash prize!

Quota for Premiership is based on International Quotas of 6+1 (6 International on the pitch and one on the bench)


SOCIAL A is played on Social pitches with Social Rules aimed at our higher level Social Teams so we have more competitive divisions and matches to make TAGtastic more competitive and enjoyable at all levels!

Quota for Social A based on Championship International Quotas of 3 + 1 (3 International players allowed on the pitch and one on the bench)

 *Please note "Nurtured Player Exemptions" ONLY applies to Premiership



The biggest competition of the Festival, it will be Social, fun and as competitive as you want!

Quota as per 2020 Social League is as follows - Maximum of 3 Premiership players allowed on a squad, no more than 2 of those to be International Players.

 *Please note "Nurtured Player Exemptions" ONLY applies to Premiership



This is for Novice teams to have some fun and not worry about International or Prem players  - Strictly NO Prem or International players allowed in the SUPER SOCIAL Competition. If you are a Novice team or a team who wants to just play for the day and see what the fuss is about - this is the competition for you.

Quota as per 2020 Novice League is as follows - NO premiership or International players


Elite Competition with €1000 Cash prize

Tag, DJ's, Entertainment, Prizes, Games, Fancy Dress and much more!



Register your team now for a mere €280 per team. Prem, Social A, Social and Seriously Social Leagues available!