The Event

Venue To Be Advised 

ITF Member countries are invited to participate in the tournament
with the objective to identify the 2018 World Champion Nation in
their given grades.

The tournament will be delivered in certain age group divisions:

- Open Mens, Womens, Mixed
- 30s Mens, Senior Womens (27years+), Senior Mixed (Womens
30years, Mens 33 years)
- Under 16s, 18s Boys and Girls
- Under 21s Mens Womens, Mixed
- Over 35s Mens and Womens, Masters Mixed
- Over 40s, 45s, 50s Mens, 55 Mens

Nations to be invited
As at the time of this Brief, the ITF intends to have the following
nations represented at this World Cup:

1.1 Australia
1.2 New Zealand
1.3 Great Britain
1.4 Ireland
1.5 Lebanon (Aus Based)
1.6 Indigenous Aboriginals (Aus Based)
1.7 Malta (Aus Based)
1.8 Samoa (NZ/Aus Based)
1.9 Tonga (NZ/Aus Based)
1.10 Cook Islands (NZ/Aus Based)
1.11 Niue (NZ/Aus Based)
1.12 New Zealand Maori (NZ Based) 
1.13 New Zealand Barbarians (NZ Based)
1.14 France
1.15 Fiji (NZ/Aus Based)
1.16 Vietnam (Aus Based)
1.17 Japan
1.18 South Africa
1.19 Hong Kong
1.20 Sri Lanka (Aus Based)
1.21 Phillipines (Aus Based)
1.22 China (Aus Based)
1.23 Thailand (Aus Based)
1.24 Greece (Aus Based)
1.25 Italy (Aus Based)
1.26 India (NZ Based)
1.27 Korea (Aus Based)

2. Outline Timetable
2.1 This planning has been in operation for a few months and while
some fine detail may change, an outline timetable for delivery of the
tournament is set out below:
Pre- Monday/Wednesday December 3rd/5th 2018: Teams arrive
December 5th Wednesday 2018: Registration/Referees Meeting
December 5th Wednesday 2018 : 6pm Opening Ceremony- 8pm Coachs/Managers/Referees meetin
Thursday 6th December 2018: Day 1 Pool Play Time 9am-5.30pm
Friday 7th December 2018: Day 1 Pool Play Time 9am-5.30pm
Saturday 8th December 2018: Day 2 Pool Play Time 9am-5.30pm
Sunday 9th December: Finals Day Time 9am-5.30pm
Monday 10th December: Teams Disperse

2.2 Members will be expected to attend the opening and closing