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Tag rugby is for everyone, so it's definitely for you!

We offer individual sign-up options for anyone who'd like to join a team, meet new people, and get or stay active.

One of the most popular ways of getting into tag rugby is to sign up as an individual player. It can be as simple as signing up for a league with individual teams, and joining a WhatsApp group with others who have made the same decision! Below is all you need to know about joining tag as an individual player:

What am I signing up for?
ITRA operates tag rugby leagues in venues all across Ireland, and these leagues are competed in by teams of friends, work mates, or just people who share a common interest in tag. To bring together groups of individuals, we enter what is called an "individuals team" into the league and facilitate sign-up by individuals. 

Our leagues run for set periods of typically 6, 8, or 9 weeks at a time. By signing up for the individual team, you're signing up to play for that team for that period of time. 

I'm a beginner - is that ok? 

Unless explicitly advertised in the title of the league, all individual sign-up options are suitable for complete beginners. Most individual teams compete in our social leagues, which is a general standard of tag rugby suitable for anyone. 

"Social Tag" involves joining a team to enter a league and play games from the start. Social tag rugby is a learn-by-doing sport, and with guidance from referees you will be able to pick it up quickly while playing at a suitable level.


This is a great option for anyone who has played any kind of team sport before. Tag is designed to be easy to pick up and enjoy, and many people find this option suits them best. When searching for options, you will find individual teams of this nature named [Location] Social Tag.

What if I'm not available for some of the games?

That's ok! Each team will have more players signed up than are required in a given evening, taking into account people's holidays, working late, work drinks and general availability. 

What do I need? 

All you need is enthusiasm, a team, and some tag shorts. You can get approved tag shorts at all of our venues, and they last for ages. 

Footwear is dependent on the playing surface - check out our venues tab for more details on what you can wear at each venue. 

When will I hear from you? 

Once you sign up, sit tight and wait for the start date! Once the team has filled up, we'll circulate a link to join a WhatsApp group which we use to keep everyone in touch and share information week-to-week. 

What time is it at? 

Every team is assigned a kick-off time from a range of slots available at the venue. In most situations they vary every week, and are published in several-week blocks at The venue pages for each venue indicate the available times.



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