***Ireland Men's Masters Tag Trial is now FULL and closed for Registration  ***

Only players who have registered and received info regarding times and details should attend!


Date: Friday 26th November, 2021

Venue: The High School, Zion Rd, Rathgar, Dublin 6, D06 YR68.

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  • Men’s 35s & 40’s will play at 19:00 – 20:00
  • Please bring both dark shirt (black/navy) + white shirt to play in as uniform

Men’s 35s Group:

1             Ben  O' Shea

2             Conor    McKenna

3             Darragh   Kennedy

4             Eamon  Comerford

5             Eoin  Neylon

6             Lee  Armitage

7             Michael   Mc Auley

8             Niall  OLideadha

9             Nigel  Burke

10           Nodlag  O'Neill-Forde

11           RONAN CARVILL

12           Stuart    O'Brien


Men’s 40s Group:

1             Adric  Mason

2             Alex  Connolly

3             Andrew   Jenkins

4             Andrew   Tracey

5             Cliff  Callanan

6             Darragh  Sheeran

7             Declan   O'Rourke

8             Enda      Mccarthy

9             Graham   Bunnett

10           James    Smith

11           Karl  O’Doherty

12           Kevin  O’Brien

13           Paddy    Leavey

14           Patrick   Kiernan

15           Paul  Goodall

16           Paul  Tully

17           Paul  Wycherley

18           Peter  Moran

19           Ross  Allen

20           Ross  Quin

21           Vincent Donnell

  • Men’s 45’s & 50’s will play at 20:00 – 21:00
  • Please bring both dark shirt (black/navy) + white shirt to play in as uniform

Men’s 45s Group:

1             Berian   Davies

2             Bryan     Donoghue

3             Dave      Malone

4             Garrett  Fanning

5             James    Collery

6             John       McHugh

7             Mark      Forde

8             Phillip    Joiner

9             Rob        Whitty

10           Stephen  O'Brien

11           Stephen  Ryan

12           Tommy O'Brien

13           Tony      Hall

14           Shane  McKeogh


Men’s Over 50s Group:

1             Alistair   Brown

2             Barrie    McEntee

3             Basil       Conroy

4             Colm      D'Arcy

5             Damian Shields

6             David     Cowzer

7             Eamonn  Tuffy

8             Mark      Stewart

9             Paul       Callanan

10           Paul       Clinch

11           Redmond  Kennedy

12           Carl   Egan



As you are aware the Irish Tag Rugby Association (ITRA) will be organising & running the next Tag World Cup 2023 with our hosts Limerick University.

With 20 months to go until August 2023, we are starting the journey to select Irish Tag Teams.  We are looking for male Tag players for a 'Provisional Training Squad' in four age grade categories; Men's 35s / Men's 40s / Men's 45s / Men's 50s.

Next Friday 26th November; we are holding the first of many Tag trials to identify age grade players for Men's Masters training squads.  ITRA intends to run men's age grade leagues around the country in 2022.  Obviously Tag players are getting older and there are sportsmen from other codes; hockey, rugby union, GAA, soccer etc... who would make excellent Taggers!  Tag is a great sport to continue exercising as you get older in age grade categories.

The official Ireland Teams will not necessarily be selected directly from this trial; but we intend on provisionally identifying 16 players from each of the four categories and inviting them to various Ireland tag training sessions in the New Year 2022.

If you are unavailable to attend next Friday's trial; there will be more trials throughout 2022.  These trials will obviously extend to other regional venues; such as Cork, Limerick and Galway, with the best of the Tag players nationally being selected.

Our intention is to line up Test matches against International opposition in 2022 (France and Great Britain being our nearest and dearest Tag relatives!)

Why not come down on Friday and trial, you have nothing to lose and 16 players from each age category will be invited for training in early 2022.  What a way to finish a challenging year if you are lucky enough to be selected on a provisional Ireland Tag training squad heading into Christmas 2021...


ITRA are calling out for talented Tag players from the age of 33 + years currently as follows:

*** NB – as the TWC is in 20 months’ time, players need to be turning either 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 yrs in the calendar year 2023 to be eligible for that specific age category.  Therefore we are accommodating players two calendar years before the cut-off now, so that in 20 months’ time they will be eligible by DOB.

Registration is now closed!

Ireland Men’s 35’s – born in 1988 (currently 33yrs or older) 

Ireland Men’s 40’s - born in 1983 (currently 38yrs or older) 

Ireland Men’s 45’s - born in 1978 (currently 43yrs or older) 

Ireland Men’s 50’s  - born in 1973 (currently 48yrs or older) 

(Current World Tag Champs!!!)


For any further info; please email simon.bewley@tagrugby.ie