Red Card Process



Red Card offences include but are not limited to:

Offence Sanction
Red card as a result of receiving 2 yellow cards 2 weeks min
Striking another player 5 weeks min
Repeatedly striking another player Remainder of the current year
Verbal abuse of a Referee 2 weeks min
Serious and/or continuous or threatening abuse of Referee Remainder of the current year
Any physical force used against Referee, including pushing / striking Referee Permanent suspension


Before giving a Red Card the Referee should consider the following:

  • Are you 100% sure that the behaviour is deserving of a Red Card (for lesser offences, has a warning been given or a yellow card – does the behaviour definitely warrant a straight red?) If in doubt give a warning or a yellow and advise that the red will follow if the behaviour does not cease.
  • Ask the player for their name before producing the card.

After giving a Red Card:

  • A red card should be filled in by the Referee after they red card a player during a match. Full details MUST be captured on the form
  • It should be completed and returned to the Venue Manager before the Referee leaves the venue.
  • A separate form should be completed for each red card.
  • The Venue Manager should then forward the information within 24 hours onto ITRA’s Disciplinary Committee.
  • NB: ALL RED CARDS ARE REVIEWED INTERNALLY AND NO REFEREE SHOULD BE DISCUSSING SANCTIONS OR POINT DEDUCTIONS ON THE PITCH WITH THE TEAMS (the information on the form is reviewed along with a conversation with all parties involved before sanctions are applied to the team and this will come from the office)

Venue Managers:

  • Make sure you always have official Red Card Report forms on you.
  • Make sure the ref has all the correct details on the Form
  • Forms must be sent to Ali or the Ref Coordinator before 12 midday the following day.
  • Please note any further information that you have on the incident.
  • Do not put a score on the system for any matches with Red Card offences – this will be done after review.

Disciplinary Committee

  • Speak to the referee, player, captain and any other people involved in a Red Card incident to get as much information as possible.
  • Review and discuss all the information internally
  • Inform the carded player and team Captain of the sanction and the points deduction
  • Update the correct score line on the system after deduction


If you wish to appeal a Red card you must send an email to stating your case and why you feel you are entitled to appeal the decision.

In a very rare occasion the Disciplinary committee on review may decide that a Red Card decision is to be over turned. This decision is based only on a full review and with input of the referee and if this is the case there is no points deduction for that game.