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Frequently Asked Questions

At this time of year, we welcome a lot of new customers playing tag or organising tag teams for the first time. In order to make it easier to navigate the world of tag, we have compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions.

League start dates, kick-off times and venues

Most of the information you require should be available at Click here for information about leagues and their start dates, and check out the venues tab on for details of where leagues are played.

Most venues operate on a range of kick-off times. We start our games at 6.45pm at the earliest (excluding Irishtown) and 9.00pm latest (with the exception of Premiership in UCD) and work in 45-min windows.

In general we advise teams to be prepared to play at all kick-off times at a venue. If your participation is conditional on particular kick-off times, please get in touch with and we can discuss options in light of the particular venue and its arrangements.

What league is most suitable for my team?

We operate four broad categories of tag league:

  • Beginner or Novice leagues are for teams and individuals playing for the first time or close to it. In these leagues we will instruct the referees to be helpful in how they enforce the laws and to coach players as they ref the game.

  • Social leagues are our most popular leagues, encompassing beginners to intermediate players in a fun atmosphere. If you have a few players who have played before, this is definitely most suitable for you. However, this leagues feature a "grading phase" in the early rounds to make sure you are matched for most of the league against teams who are at a similar level.

  • Corporate leagues are beginner leagues for teams of people who work together.

  • Elite leagues are 8-a-side leagues for very experienced teams and players. These leagues are often referred to as Prem(iership), Champ(ionship) or Men's/Women's Elite.

How many players do I need?

For a mixed six-a-side league you can play with 4 men and 2 women. A matchday squad of 5-6 available men and 3-4 available women is optimum. We advise that you have 11-12 players signed up to the league in total as week-to-week availability can vary.

For a mixed social league you can play with 4 men and 3 women. A matchday squad of 5-7 available men and 4-5 available women is optimum. We advise that you have 8 men and 6 women signed up to the league in total as week-to-week availability can vary.

If you are short players for a particular night, you are allowed to play with only 5 players, provided you have no more than 4 men (i.e. provided you have at least one female player).

Forfeits, or any issue relating to Tag on the evening

If you need to let us know that your team is unable to play a scheduled game, please contact your Venue manager through the league Whatsapp group. The link to your group was shared with you in a "Welcome Email" before the league began, so please find it there. Messaging the Venue manager ensures that we can act upon the forfeit.

If you need to know if the Venue manager has shorts available for purchase, or let them know anything about your team's involvement on the evening, please use the group chat. If you're not the captain, they can ask on your behalf. Communication about the playing of matches should go first to the Whatsapp group, especially if they are time-sensitive.

Password issues

Only captains of teams have access to an account on our website, so there should be no reason for a player (who is not a captain) to login or change/reset a password. If you are a captain and are having issues logging in, please let us know.

How can I get tag shorts?

Upon registration you will get instructions on how to order shorts from This is the best option if you are ordering a week or more before your league begins. We strongly encourage you to order shorts upon registration if you have enough time as you have access to a full range of sizes and colours. If you are ordering on behalf of multiple people (e.g. a team) please use this option if at all possible.

Within a week of your league beginning, your best option is to get them from the venue manager, at the venue. Each of our venue managers has a limited supply of shorts and sizes available for purchase through a link that tracks their supply. You can pay for them online (only - no cash) and show the conformation email to claim them when you arrive at the venue.

Approved tag shorts are not available for purchase in sports stores. The shorts available to purchase in Elvery's or Lifestyle Sports are not permitted in our leagues as we are obliged to use shorts approved by the International Tag Federation.

I've signed up for a league. What next?

If you've signed up as a team or an individual, you will receive a Welcome Email the week before the league begins with all of the details you need. For teams, this contains a standard package of information about participating in our leagues, and confirmation that fixtures have been posted at

For individuals, it includes a link to a Whatsapp group to meet your new team and hear from us as to what you need, where you need to be, and when!

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