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The Irish Tag Rugby Association is a full Board Member Nation of the International Tag Federation (ITF). At a recent ITF board meeting, it was agreed that, to improve consistency and fairness across all levels of the game, member nations would only use ITF-approved tag shorts in all competitions.


Consistency and Fairness

There are over 50 different types of Velcro available in the market, with the quality and strength varying greatly. If your opposition is wearing shorts with a different quality Velcro, they may have an unfair advantage as their tags may be harder to remove. Similarly, your team may be wearing shorts with an inferior quality Velcro where the tags fall off far too easily.


Another current inconsistency is the size of the Velcro patch and where exactly the patch is positioned on the hip in relation to the waist band.


ITRA provide the balls & tags for all games. Velcro works by a simple hook & loop feature. The hook part is on the two Velcro patches either side of the shorts. The loop part is the Velcro on the tag. If the hook & loop Velcro design are not matching exactly, it will adversely affect the ability of your tags to stay on while running!

To ensure that there is consistency and fairness across all ITRA-run Tag Events, all players must wear ITF-approved tag shorts in any ITRA League or Blitz.

Approved Tag Shorts Suppliers to date:

  • Oz Tag

  • OES


  • STAG Sports

  • SAS

This is NOT the definitive list of suppliers. Shorts manufacturers can contact for details on how to get approval.


If you have any queries about this shorts policy, or if you could like to find out more information, simply email or call 01 2020100.

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