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Frequently Asked Questions

Two tag rugby players from opposite teams, Leinster and Munster, with the defender removing of one of the two ribbons on the Leinster player's belt.

What insurance arrangements do I need?

Please make sure your team is adequately covered in the unlikely event of an accident or injury. ITRA recommends that every player has their own Personal Accident Cover insurance. Contact your local financial advisor or broker for a quote specific to you.


If you get injured, contact your Venue Manager immediately as they will have a First Aid kit available. Please bring your own strapping, Deep Heat etc, if required.


For Health and Safety reasons, players cannot wear jewellery or glasses. Players must have their tops tucked inside their shorts at all times.  This is for two reasons: (1) to prevent fingers getting caught up in clothing and causing injury; and (2) to not obstruct tags.


What are the requirements in terms of player registrations?

Every ITRA Player must register online to their team in advance of playing.  This link can be found on the Captain Page.

You must register once per Season/Blitz, e.g. player registration for a Spring League team does not carry into a Summer League team - you must do both separately.


Players who are not registered will not be allowed to play for their team - if caught playing with an unregistered player, the team risks forfeiting their game 10:0.


While last-minute player registrations at the side of a pitch are not recommended, they can be facilitated if time allows it by your Venue Manager, who can then email the Player Registration Link for your team to the new player. This player must accept the T&Cs at the side of the pitch before they are allowed play. 

To prevent "stacking" (i.e. putting too many representative players on a team), there are strict player quota restrictions on some leagues. Please make sure you are aware of the player quota restrictions for your league before your first game. Click here for more info on Quota Players

Every team must have at least 7 players registered online seven days before the league starts.  Captains and Vice-Captains will get an urgent warning email toregister their 7 players if they have not done so. Teams with fewer than 7 players registered online will be unable to play in their first ITRA League fixture.


There is no limit to the number of players that can be registered to the team, but only a maximum of 14 can be togged out for a match. To prevent "ringer players" being brought in for a Final, only those registered before the second last week of a league can play in a final, e.g. for a 9 week league, player registrations close after week 8 with no additional players allowed after this deadline.  


Venue Managers will be spot-checking to ensure all teams are compliant and every player is registered. Links to pay and to register players can be accessed via the Captain's Page at


How do I get tag shorts?

For consistency and fairness, every player needs official ITF-approved match shorts to play in ITRA leagues - click here for more info. Unregulated / unapproved tag shorts cannot be worn.  No exceptions will be made for this. 


You can purchase shorts for €25.00 from your Venue Manager who will have a limited selection of sizes available.  ITRA operates cash-free at venues and you will receive a link to purchase shorts in advance from the Venue Manager.

If you are ordering a larger quantity of shorts (i.e. not just for you) and your league is more than a few days away, please order from


It is not possible to delay the start time of matches, so please make sure that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your match to buy shorts. 


To prevent delays, we strongly recommend that you contact your Venue Manager in advance to make sure the right shorts size is available for you when you arrive.


You can also choose from the full range of ITF-approved shorts and tights via the online ITRA Shop.  Delivery nationwide is between 3 and 5 working days.  


If you have any queries about shorts, including the type of shorts you need to play in ITRA Leagues, email


What do I wear?

Please make sure that your team is wearing the same coloured tops, as it is easier for players and referees to distinguish teams.


If you are playing on a grass pitch, football boots are allowed - but no metal studs. Some venues have hockey pitches, on which you cannot wear studs.


You can design and order a unique team kit, including jersey and shorts, from €53.00 per person - click here for more info.


What if we can't play?

If you are unable to field a team, please email before 15:00 on the day of your match – we will then contact your opposition and inform them that you will not be present.


The result for a forfeited match is usually 10:0 or a 0:0 draw if the opposition doesn't want an artificially high position in the league table as a result of the forfeit.


You can still play a friendly game against the opposition, even if you don't have enough players to field a full team.  Let us know and we will try to get you some extra players to play a friendly game and get some exercise in!


Pulling out without informing us shows a lack of respect for the opposition who are expecting a game against you and who have paid for the match - so please let us know as soon as possible if you plan on forfeiting a game. 


What if we're late?

If your team is running late due to traffic etc, we can delay the start until everyone arrives – but your team will lose a point for every minute you are late up to 5 minutes, at which point you forfeit the game.


The first player that arrives should speak with the Venue Manager and/or Referee as soon as possible to inform them of the potential delay.  We will then do what we can to have everything ready for the late players’ arrival, so they can then get onto the pitch straight away.


Unfortunately, if you do not have enough players to start the game after 5 minutes, it will be forfeited.  Remember though that you can start a game with 5 players - the only catch being that you cannot have more than 4 male players on the pitch at the same time. 


How do you play tag?

 If you have never played in an ITRA League before, it is important for you to at least know the basics before you start. Click here for a brief overview of the important rules.


We implement a strict Zero Tolerance policy for contact or any abuse aimed at Referees, Venue Managers or other players. Players who shout abuse will be removed from the field of play immediately (by yellow or red card) and all Referees have been encouraged to be very strict on this law.


Players can only legally play for one team per league per night, no matter what the division! If you are unsure, ask your Venue Manager for clarification. If an ineligible player does take to the pitch, the two teams they represented that night will forfeit their games - so that player’s original team and also the illegal team they played for.


For consistency and fairness, this law will be implemented - regardless of whether it was intentional or not.


Are you referees qualified?

We have an excellent team of experienced Referees officiating the ITRA League, with all having recently passed an exam on ITRA laws.


Referees have been specifically instructed to clamp down on two aspects of the game:

  • Ill Discipline; and

  • Contact.


Please be on your best behaviour towards the Referee at all times during the game! If you have any problems with a Referee, you should first speak with your Venue Manager - they will do their best to help you out.


If you have any further issues with your Referee, you should complete this Referee Feedback Form and our Referee Department will deal with it before your next game.


We actively encourage both negative and positive comments about our Referees, so please feel free to fill out the form if you have any comments.


Please let your Referee know before the match starts if you are a beginner or new team.  If agreeable with the opposition, the Referee will then slow the game down and coach your team through the basic laws.  Be upfront and tell them you are new and that you would like them to explain their decisions etc.  It’s no good letting the Referee know this after the match! 


Who do I speak to on the night?

We also have a fantastic team of Venue Managers who are there to make the games as enjoyable as possible for you and your team.


If you encounter any problems or have any questions on the night, your Venue Manager should be your first point of call.


Make sure that you introduce yourself and your team to your Venue Manager on the first night - they are good people to know!


If you are the first person to arrive, inform your Venue Manager that your team will be in attendance and ready to play.


If you encounter an issue, you must raise it with your Venue Manager immediately and they will do their best to resolve your problem there and then. Do not leave the venue with an issue that is unresolved.


Venue Managers have a limited number of ITF-approved shorts available to purchase at the venue for €25.00.

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