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Prem players

In order to ensure "social" tag players get what they signed up for, ITRA restricts the number of elite tag players who participate in social leagues. In 2022 and 2023 a maximum of 3 "Prem" players can play for a social team in one night.

A 'Prem" player is defined as somebody who has registered to play premiership  in any current (or the previous) 8-a-side League (excluding Championship)  and has played more than one game in each of those leagues.


It does not include anybody who is yet to register and play in two separate distinct premiership leagues.


Anyone who has played in the most recent Tag Nationals is classed as a "Prem" player.

Quota Players

Any player who played international tag in the previous calendar year is subject to international quota. 

A maximum of two international quota players may play in a social game on one night. More complex restrictions apply to elite 8-a-side leagues. These restrictions are outlined in the 2023 International Quota document. 

IQ policy document here

Designated Club list here

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