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Enter your team into one of our leagues in Dublin, Limerick, Naas or Galway

Mixed, Social,

Designed for Fun

Tag rugby is a fun, social, mixed-gender sport designed to be accessible and inclusive. 

We run year-round leagues and accept team entries from groups of friends, people who work together, and much more. Entering a league gets you a fixture every week, and a final at the end with a trophy on the line. 

You'll play a 45-minute game every week, at the venue and on the day you registered for. Fixtures are posted in advance at tag

A tag rugby team is typically 10-14 people who are available to play most weeks. Tag is 7-a-side with a maximum of 4 men, so you'll need to adjust accordingly. 

Mixed social tag is the most popular format and is an ideal choice for teams with minimal or no experience. 

Click below for a list of our venues and available places, and get tagged!


Get Signed Up

Browse the information below to choose a venue and night of the week that best suits you. You can sign up for a 10 euro deposit, and split the registration fee among your team-mates, arrange a company invoice, or pay by bank transfer.



Explore our range of venues, events, competitions and nights of the week!

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