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Men's Masters Tag

If you're over 35 and tired of chasing much younger players, or are looking for a way to get your hands on a rugby ball again, Men's Masters tag is the ideal option for you. 

We run "Masters" tag for men over 35, with separate options for guys over 50. These leagues are highly popular and open to anyone. If you're fit to play then you're old enough, and if you're fit to play then you're young enough. There's life in the old dog yet!

A game for everyone

We currently operate Men's Masters tag in Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork.

All sporting abilities are welcome; and we encourage newbies to join and give tag a go.  Masters Tag is a great way of getting outdoors and meeting like-minded people in a team sporting environment.

Tag is very sociable and the beauty is that it is non-contact; so the body won’t be in pain the next day!

You can join a team by signing up individually below.  Your kick-off time is 

Teams are generally 8-a-side.  Matches are 45min long (2 x 20min halves plus half time)

KO times vary in the evenings, week to week.  If you are unavailable on any given night; that is no problem.  Our matches go ahead anyway; so this suits a busy schedule.

The only equipment you need is a pair of official tag shorts & a pair of boots (preferably mouldies or astro shoes - no metal studs).

Masters Tag regularly have social events both mid-week and at weekends.  We even organise overseas Masters Tag tours - last year we went to Toulouse to play against local teams. 


If you have any further questions or would like more info; please email; Simon Bewley at

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South Dublin

Venue: The High School; Rathgar, D6

Dates: Thursday nights, 9 wks, starting Thursday 21st March

Men aged 35-49 click here

Men aged 50+ click here


North Dublin

Venue: Belvedere College Sports Grounds, Distillery Rd, Drumcondra.

Dates: Wednesday nights; 8 weeks, starting Wednesday 17th April.

CLICK HERE to Register



Venue: Old Crescent RFC, Rosbrien

Dates: Monday nights, 6 wks, starting Monday 11th March

CLICK HERE to Register



Venue: St Mary’s College, (Colaiste Muire) St Mary’s Rd, Galway.

Dates: Thursday nights, 4 wks, starting Thursday 25th April

CLICK HERE to Register


Venue: Leeside AFC

Dates: Sunday nights, 4 weeks, starting 10th March

CLICK HERE to Register 

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