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We operate a range of tag leagues, each aimed at a different type of team, player, and vibe. It's likely that more than one option suits you.


Social tag rugby is the OG tag league. Its name reflects tag's great unique characteristic as a sport played primarily for fun. "Social" leagues are the most common format of league in all parts of Ireland, and are designed to be as broadly suitable as possible. 

Teams playing in social leagues are limited to a maximum of three players who play in our more organised, "Elite" leagues so as to ensure a fair standard of opposition throughout. 

Social tag is about participation, and while some teams who play in it have a reasonable level of experience, on the whole it is the most suitable option for anyone who is happy to show up and play an enjoyable weekly game.



Novice leagues run primarily in the Spring and Summer seasons, and are designed for those with minimal experience of sport. Novice leagues involve an initial period of coaching and some games that don't contribute to a league table so as to ensure that you get a more thorough grounding in the fundamentals of field sports. 

We do not allow any players or teams from our "elite" leagues to take part in these competitions.



These leagues are serious stuff, involving players and teams who treat the game like a sport and in many cases represent Ireland at tag. 

This level is not suitable for anyone who is a total beginner in sporting terms, but is surprisingly suitable for players with a reasonable sporting background looking for something organised but which retains an element of fun. 

There is a strong community around these leagues and players have a deep understanding of how to play the game to a high level. 


Division 1 ("Div1")

Division 1 leagues are played with the same laws as social tag, do not have any limits on the number of high-level "elite" players who can be on any one team. These teams are typically very strong and it may be a difficult experience for a new team to take part in a Division 1 league. 

At present we run Division 1 leagues in Limerick, Irishtown Stadium in Dublin 4 (Tuesdays, Mixed) and in Rathgar (Thursdays, Women).



Simply put, corporate leagues are for teams who work together in some capacity. They are social leagues, generally involving new teams and people, and a relaxed environment. We run these leagues in venues with a large number of businesses in the immediate environment. 

We don't allow non-work teams to enter these leagues. We get everything from teachers, gym staff, tech workers, lawyers, accountants, management consultants, and everything else you can imagine. 

If there is no corporate league near you, don't be afraid to look for a social venue. 

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