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Put your whistle where your mouth is!

Fancy some extra exercise and making money at the same time? Sign up to become a referee and officiate at our tournaments. Some of our refs describe refereeing Tag Rugby as "the gym that pays you to attend"!

You get paid for the matches you referee - so the greater your flexibility regarding venue and day, the more games we are likely to have for you!


We always need extra refs on Thursday nights in particular so if you are available on Thursdays, you are extra valuable to us!


We run Tag Leagues in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kildare and Galway. Click here for a full list of venues.

How does it work?

Each year, we recruit a number of male and female Rookie / Beginner Referees as new blood is always needed to grow the game. If you are aged 18+ and would like to join our Referee Team, simply click here to register and we will be in touch!

1. Earn Expenses!
Tag Refereeing is a part-time job where you get remunerated for officiating matches on midweek evenings or weekend afternoons. We run leagues Monday to Thursday, 12 months of the year with Wednesday & Thursday evenings during the summer the busiest. 

For new rookie Referees, you will need to be available on Wednesdays & Thursdays from 18:15 until 22:00 during the summer months. 


2. Keep Fit & Exercise
Refereeing Tag allows you to get involved in an exciting, healthy, outdoor sport during the long, hot (hopefully!) summer evenings. What better way to earn money and keep fit!

“I view refereeing Tag as the gym that pays me to attend!” - Quote from experienced Tag Referee, Owen Redmond


3. Be Part of a Team & Meet New People
Tag Refereeing
is a great way to meet new people and broaden your social life. At the venue, you will be part of the “Referee Team” coordinated by the Venue Manager so you get a great feeling of belonging to a dynamic and vibrant group.


4. Dedicated Referee Coordinator
The Referee Coordinator's job it is to make sure that referees always know what's happening regarding their fixtures and venues. The Ref Coordinator is contactable on 086 397 2822.


5. Comprehensive Training Provided
All new Referees are put through their paces at a number of Ref Training Workshops, which you must attend before you are allowed officiate games. You must also pass our online Rookie Referee Test. Once you have completed your training, you will be presented with your official ITRA Referee Jersey, as well as a whistle and scorecard holder with red and yellow cards.


6. Improve Your Playing Skills & Knowledge of Game
By going through our comprehensive Ref training program, you will improve your own Tag playing skills, as you will develop a much clearer understanding of the laws and tactics of the game.


7. Give Something Back to Game
This applies to current Tag players that are interested in becoming referees. Players often make the best referees, and what better way to contribute to the game than to pass on your knowledge and experience to other players as a referee? Likewise, new referees are also encouraged to play Tag to help them improve their knowledge and understanding of the game.


8. Events Team - Weekends Away
We also run a festival series of Tag events all over Ireland throughout the summer, including Beach Tag in Banna & Clare and the Pig ‘n’ Porter Tag Fest in Limerick, the world's largest Tag Festival! The best Referees from around Ireland are invited to work at these events as part of our Events Team - and these weekends away are famously great craic!



Contact details for referees

Please do not hesitate to contact us in the Ref Dept between 9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri.  As most tag matches kick off from 6:30pm onward, it is very important refs do not leave it last minute to cancel.

Please give at least 48 hours’ notice where possible if you are unavailable.  Obviously, emergencies are last minute, but please always call the Referee Mobile (086-3972822) which is attended 24/7 (please save now into your phone under – “ITRA Referee”).

  • Office Landline: +353 1 2020100

  • Referee Department Mobile: +353 86 397 2822

  • Referee Department Email:

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