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International Quota 2024

ITRA has today published the 2024 list of "international players" and their designated clubs for the purpose of the international quota policy.

The international quota policy ensures that elite leagues remain viable by restricting the number of international tag players who can play on any given team, and restricts the ability of such players to move clubs.

In 2023, an international player is one who played at the 2023 British & Irish Cup or the ITF Tag World Cup for Ireland, Great Britain, South Africa, New Zealand or Australia. This excludes the Men's 40s, 50s, and 60s and the Women's 35s.

A long-term policy review is anticipated in 2024.

Players who wish to appeal their designated club status will receive an email about how to do so in the coming days.

Changes for 2024

  • ITRA has published the grounds for appeal which may be considered by its committee

  • Teams competing in elite leagues will be required to submit weekly squad lists

  • Players over the age of 37 in the year of their last cap may be exempted from international quota

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