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ITRA re-launches "VIP" customer programme

ITRA recognises the valuable contribution of Team Captains who reliably register 5 or more teams for ITRA events each year. In order to ease the financial burden involved in organising these teams, ITRA offers these Team Captains special “VIP Customer” status, which includes additional credit terms not available to regular team captains.

These VIP Customer benefits are allocated to teams who have used the same Team Captain email address to register for 5 or more teams in ITRA events in the previous year.

The Team Captain email address is the unique identifier where all benefits are stored so, to ensure you are maximising your Loyalty Points, which can be used for financial discounts, ITRA strongly recommends that your team always registers with the same email address.

Loyalty Points are year-specific so any points accumulated must be used up before 31st December as all accounts are reset to zero on 1st January.

The VIP Customer list is established in January each year, based on the number of teams registered in the previous 12 months. ITRA reserves the right to suspend with immediate effect the VIP Customer benefits of any team who do not adhere to the agreed credit T&Cs. In exceptional circumstances, this may result in the team being removed from a league they are playing in.

To discuss joining the VIP programme please email


  • Early access to league registration, helping you secure your team’s place up to 48 hours before registration opens to the public.

  • Exemption from the requirement to pre-authorise a credit card for the full cost of the league.

  • Eligibility for ITRA’s loyalty point program, which is calculated on the number of team registrations in the previous calendar year.


  • Your teams must be paid in full within 7 days of the league beginning (before your second game), without exception.

  • Your teams must not withdraw from a league for which you are registered within 7 days of its advertised commencement date.

  • All of your players must be registered prior to the first match.

  • Exemplary standards of engagement with referees and venue managers are expected.

  • Your VIP Customer benefits may only be extended to an agreed list of “team” identities and not to other customers who do not have VIP status


  1. ITRA assigns Loyalty Points to the captain of a team - as the captain is the one who does all the hard work…collects the money, sees who’s available each week etc. So the Loyalty Points are a reward to the captain - if they move to another town or another team, they bring their points with them... the points are not awarded to the team.

  2. The captain email address is the unique identifier for Loyalty Points – so this should always be the same to effectively manage Loyalty Points.

  3. If a team registers for a number of ITRA events every year,, they should always use the same email address for the captain when registering the team so that all the Loyalty Points are assigned to one account. The name of the captain and their telephone number can be different every time – the email address though must be the same.

  4. Teams may therefore like to create a unique email address for the “team captain” that all players have access to (eg Whoever then registers a new team should use this unique email address in the Captain Email field and, that way, all the Loyalty Points are stored in one place.

  5. If these tips are followed, it will be much easier for teams to track their payments and Loyalty Points!

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