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New Corporate Leagues Launched

Every year, dozens of companies in Dublin enter tag rugby teams in our leagues. They range in industry, from law to finance, tech to teachers, and everything else in between. Companies see the unique value in offering a social, mixed-gender sport as an outlet for their employees to spend time together outside of the office.

This year we have re-introduced a range of corporate leagues while making it easier for companies to join tag and get started.

Corporate leagues are 6/8/9-week competitions for entry by work teams only. This allows us to separate experienced tag players, who are on occasion quite competitive, from those giving it a go for the first time. It lets our referees be more sympathetic in application of the laws, and provides for a more relaxed atmosphere in our games.

We have established corporate leagues in some of the places where companies most commonly like to play, including:

  • Blanchardstown, Thursdays from May

  • Sandymount, Wednesdays and Thursdays from May

  • Ballsbridge, Mondays and Thursdays from May

Want to play tag with your company in a place that's not listed above? No problem. Check out our range of venues, most of which now have a dedicated beginner or novice league to help teams full of new players adapt comfortably.

Other ways we can help include:

  • Option upon registration to "pay by cheque or bank transfer" to facilitate company payment by invoice or corporate card

  • Advice from our customer care team as to what venue is most suitable to your needs

  • Support on the night from our referees and venue staff

If you'd like to register your team, click the links above or drop an email to to arrange a call to chat further.

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