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Play Mixed Social Tag in Ballsbridge on Mondays!

Updated: May 2, 2023

Why Play Mixed Social Tag in Ballsbridge?

  • Experienced Coach on First Night

  • Ongoing Referee Coaching

  • Graded League so Play Teams at Your Level!

  • Apres-Tag Partner = Pembroke Wanderers Clubhouse

Mixed Social Tag is Coming to Ballsbridge!

Tag Rugby is a brilliant mixed social sport, suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages and sporting abilities, where guys and girls play together in a competitive environment.

And it's coming to Ballsbridge this summer on the top-class 3G artificial pitches of Pembroke Wanderers Hockey Club on Serpentine Avenue, right beside Sandymount Dart Station: Eircode D04 T329!

No Experience Required!

It doesn’t matter if you have never played tag or rugby before as these 7-a-side leagues in Ballsbridge is perfect for beginners who want learn the basics in a relaxed, social atmosphere.

We will put you on a team with approx. 10 other players from different backgrounds so you will get to learn and play with a wide variety of people; ideal if you are an individual looking to join a fun, social team!

You will then play each week in the 9 week Summer League on Monday nights, which starts on Mon 12th June and runs until Mon 31st July.

The Most Fun You'll have this Summer!

Tag is also a brilliant social occasion, ideal for those new to Dublin, looking to meet new people or branch out into new circles.

The social side to tag is VERY important - and we have therefore partnered with the clubhouse in Pembroke Wanderers where your team can drop in after your games to review performances and match tactics! Have the craic with your team mates, opposition, referees and venue manger in a fun, relaxed environment - and make plans to do it all again the following week!

Sign up for Ballsbridge Mixed Social Tag TODAY!

If you'd like to sign up this summer to play Ballsbridge 7-a-side Mixed Social Tag on Monday evenings, here are the costs:

  • €50 per person to play on a mixed, social team with approx. 9 other players

  • RRP €24.99 for match shorts with a Velcro patch on each hip to attach your tags (TIP: If you buy your shorts at the same time as you pay for your registration, you get them for a discounted €22.99, including delivery!)

The tag shorts are the only piece of "equipment" you require - so, once you have them, grab a pair of runners and a tshirt and you're ready to play your first game!

Note that, because this is a hockey pitch, you cannot wear football boots with plastic or moulded studs at this venue - you can wear runners or astroturf boots only.

What is ITRA Tag Rugby?

A minimal contact team game with each player wearing a pair of Tag shorts with a Velcro patch on either hip, the mode of play is similar to Rugby League with attacking players attempting to dodge, evade and pass a rugby ball while defenders attempt to prevent a score by "tagging" their opponent – ie pulling a Velcro tag from the hip of the ball carrier.

There are seven players on a mixed team - usually four lads and three girls. The attacking team has six plays to score a try, which are worth one point for a guy and three points for a girl.

Check out this video for what's involved!

Top 5 Reasons to Play ITRA Tag Rugby

  1. Have fun, meet like minded people and make new friends.

  2. Stay active and fit outdoors over the summer.

  3. Mixed sport where guys and girls play equally on the same team.

  4. Test yourself with a new sport in a relaxed, fun environment.

  5. Play with old friends or ex-colleagues and catch-up / work out together each week!

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