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What does "social" mean?

If you're not familiar with tag and its terminology, it can be difficult to work out what level is best for you and your team. Below is a very quick run-through of the different grades of tag available and what they mean:

Novice/Beginner/New to Tag

These terms refer to tag competitions that are aimed at people with no experience of tag. Zero, zilch, nada. This is the place to come if you've never played tag before, if you're not especially familiar with field sports, and if you don't know the laws or how the game is played. We do not allow experienced teams or players to play in these leagues. Referees will be sympathetic and helpful.

Corporate tag refers to novice-level tag leagues which are aimed at teams of people who work or study together. With exceptions, corporate teams are usually made up of people who are playing for the first time.


Social tag is the most common form of tag played in Ireland. It is generally (but not exclusively) played in a mixed sex format. "Social" is a catch-all term that emphasises that while you're playing in a league competition, everyone is there for fun. We are yet to see an instance of a player's performance in a social tag league resulting in a call-up by Andy Farrell.

Anyone can play social tag. If you're a "learn by doing" kind of person, you could play social tag as your first introduction to the game. In 2018 we introduced a cap of three "Premiership" players per social team, recognising that everyone needs to have fun but that we don't want mis-matches.

If your venue doesn't have a novice option, don't worry - social tag will suit you just fine.

Division 1/Div1 tag

Division 1 refers to social leagues with no restrictions on who can play them. Naturally, this option is favoured by very experienced teams filled with strong players. The fact that they are played to social laws has helped teams "step up" to a higher standard via Div1, but the leagues would not be suitable for beginners.

Prem, Champ, "Elite" tag

These are 8-a-side leagues played to a slightly different set of laws. They are distinguished by the "quota" of international players allowed on each team. Experienced social players often find it a fun challenge to play in these leagues and see how they get on. Generally this type of league features very experienced players, many of whom play tag for Ireland.

Up to date? Good! Now don't forget to register your team for spring & summer.

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