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Single-sex tag leagues launched in Dublin

Over 10,000 people play adult tag in our leagues every year. The mixed, social element of tag is one of the main things that keeps people playing, even in the cold winter months battling rain and 4pm darkness.

However a reasonable portion of our players are looking for something different from tag. In recent years we have seen a growth in single-sex leagues. Many people who play and enjoy mixed social tag also enjoy these competitions too. Here's how you can join them and what's on offer:

Women's-only social tag

For 2 years we have been running a beginner-friendly women's-only social tag league in South Dublin. The league is 7-a-side, and currently played on Tuesday evenings in Alexandra College in Milltown at 7.30pm. It is a popular starting point for players who would prefer to learn the ropes in a single-sex environment.

The Spring league starts on 4th April. You can register a team of women (ideally 12-14) for that league here or join as an individual here.

This year we will also be running a league for beginners in Grangegorman on the TUD campus sports pitches. This league is open on an individual sign-up basis and will involve an introduction to the game and its laws, guidance, and sympathetic refereeing throughout. You can sign up here.

Women's- and Men's-only intermediate and elite tag

We also cater for more experienced players who'd like to give the single-sex version a go. These leagues can be challenging, and there are no easy games, but are enjoyable and help you learn a lot about tag and how it's played by experienced players.

Our 8-a-side Men's & Women's Spring leagues run on the UCD GAA pitch for 4 weeks on Mondays. You can join a Men's team here and a Women's team here.

Men's-only Masters tag

Last but not least, we have just launched an individual sign-up league for Men who are at least 35 and as old as 70! If that sounds like an exaggeration, just wait until you see one of the best players and realise he's 62.

This league is played in High School Rathgar on its 4G rugby pitch at between 7pm and 9pm on Thursdays. Everyone who signs up will be sorted into a team to ensure an even standard, and it's a very popular option for an experienced group of lads.

Sign up here if you're in the 35-44 age range or here if you're 45+.

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