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Girls just wanna play tag!

Since the summer of 2021, ITRA has operated a Southside "Women's Social" tag league all year round. The league caters for players who like the opportunity to play in a women's-only environment, at a level that caters for beginner and intermediate players.

The Spring league will take place on Thursdays in Rathgar, on the grass pitches at The High School in Rathgar from 25th April. There are 8 teams in total, all at a similar level and accommodating of beginners.

While some players love the mixed-gender aspect of tag rugby, others enjoy the relaxed environment of this league and the opportunity to learn with players at a similar level.

You can sign up as an individual for only 25 euro, and get added to a team in advance of the league beginning.

You can sign up at this link and will receive an email from us the week before the league begins with details of how to join your team for the league.

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