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Opportunities to play women's tag in Dublin this Autumn

With summer leagues coming to an end, there are plenty of opportunities to keep playing tag in Dublin. We are big fans of women's-only tag, and many players who play it for the first time start to enjoy and appreciate the differences between single-sex and mixed tag.

Both of the below options are women's-only tag and run for 9 weeks:

Our women's social league in Alexandra College, Milltown (Tues) is a 7-a-side league, suitable for beginners or intermediate-level players. One team in the league is looking for individuals to come on board. Register here.

Our draft format Division 1 league in High School (Rathgar, Thurs) is open to players of all levels. Signed-up players will be drafted into a team to compete for the duration of the league. We have recruited 4 experienced captains, all of whom competed at the recent ITF Tag World Cup, who wll run the teams and provide guidance. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to develop their game playing women's tag. Register here.

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