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Couples who play together, stay together!

By Susanna Mollen



It's Valentines Day - you either love it or you hate it.

But whether you’re celebrating or secretly tearing down every red paper heart you come across... Tag Rugby can be for you! 

From strengthening existing relationships to a real-life Hinge... social sports like Tag are becoming increasingly popular for couples and singletons alike.

And with dozens of social leagues across Dublin and Ireland every week, there’s really no reason for you and your partner not to find a quick 40 minutes to spend together one evening a week! 

"Couples who exercise as a pair are more likely to stay together.” - Anna Tyzack, The Telegraph

Experts say, even the smallest amount of exercise has been found to release mood-enhancing hormones such as endocannabinoids, endorphins, and adrenaline. 


Big words but they mean a pretty simple thing!  

When you exercise, the hormones released into the bloodstream promote psychoactive effects like reduced anxiety, improved mood, and increased energy. 

As you feel happier and more attractive in yourself, it carries over into your relationship. Leaving couples feeling more trusting, more affectionate, and less argumentative, says relationship coach Corinne Blum.  

There is also a strong link between adrenaline and attraction.

In other words, exercising together may encourage you to get even closer later tonight... 

As you and your partner run around on the pitch, adrenaline spikes induce symptoms of physiological arousal.  

So basically, even if they’re a bit sweaty, you may see your partner more like your favourite Love Island star, and less like the someone who let one loose in the car earlier... It’s up to you really! 

And if that wasn’t reason enough, studies have also shown that couples who exercise together are more likely to stick at it compared to when they exercise alone. 

So not only are we helping you build a stronger relationship, but you might even hit your 2024 fitness goals too!  


Especially in a mixed-gender, team sport like Tag Rugby. 

Playing on the same side in a social environment encourages you to work together instead of risking becoming overly competitive, says trainer Lucie Cowan talking to the Telegraph.  

As you feed off the collective energy, work together to beat opponents, and celebrate each other's successes, it just might let you see your partner in a whole new light. And who doesn’t like a bit of new excitement in their relationship...?


Still single and sick of everyone talking about couples this time of year?  


Firstly, I applaud you for getting this far in the article...  


But on a more serious note, Tag Rugby could be a great environment for you too. Apart from all the new couples now looking to strengthen their relationships (try avoid them)... social sport is a proven way to meet people!  


Team sports in particular are buzzing hives for building connections. Not only are you communicating on the pitch, but the sideline chats and post-match pints are just as much a part of the experience as the run-around itself! 


A place you go to find people with similar hobbies who are also interested in meeting new people..? Sounds suspiciously like Hinge IRL to me. So ditch the apps, get outside, and have a fun, adrenaline-inducing run-around while you’re at it! 


Don't Take it from me!

Not convinced by the science and the experts? Take it from a real-life example!

Martha and Tom met at a Tag Rugby training in Dublin way back in 2018. Now, almost 6 years later, they still love playing together.

Not only do they feel that their common interest in the sport drew them to each other in the first place, but they love having a shared hobby and a set time together in an otherwise very busy work week!


So give your S/O a real gift this Valentine’s Day. Forget the flowers, instead, invest time into strengthening your relationship and spending time together! So g'wan, sign up to a league near you below.

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